BCHA continues to operate under a five-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with the U.S. Forest Service 11/12/2021

Do you have a service project you would like to accomplish on a nearby national forest? BCHA continues to operate under a five-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with the U.S. Forest Service related to trail maintenance and public education and outreach. We recommend you share a copy of the MOU with your local forest.  Many BCH chapters operate under a similar forest-specific service agreement, which often can be expedited if both parties are made aware of the national MOU. BCHA’s current MOU with the U.S. Forest Service is active to August 31st 2021.





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Convention cover letter

Hotels map

2022 Convention Registration

Photo Display Contest

Vendor letter


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BCHA October Newsletter

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FSM 2358 – National Saw Policy-09-2021

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Calendars make great gifts and have a much better chance of paying off than a Loto Ticket!
Contact: Scott Morgan 208-989-0632


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BCHA is a proud sponsor of the new national Trails are Common Ground program. No matter our differences in backgrounds or how we choose to enjoy the great outdoors, trails create common ground that connects us. Access to trails is a privilege we acknowledge and can only safeguard through our actions toward one another. Meeting other people on the trail can be a good experience…or a bad one – Expect to see others on the trail  – Respect their right to be there – Be friendly You can make the trails a nicer place to be!

The new national program Trails are Common Ground is an educational program aimed at educating the public on proper trail etiquette when meeting other trail users on our public trails. The BCHA Trails are Common Ground brochure can be downloaded and printed to place at businesses that sell or rent trail related equipment, public agency offices and your favorite trail head.

Watch the Video

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BCHA Monthly News – July 2021

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[Back Country Horsemen of America] | [360-443-6996] | [michellewade@bcha.org] | [www.bcha.org]

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Auction Web Page

Auction Catalog

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Top Trail Journeys are Virtual Challenges open to all — riders and non-riders, who wish to participate with their non-motorized miles tracked via GPS app or device. Miles tracked can be ridden (horse, bicycle), on foot (hiking, jogging, walking) — you can even log your miles swimming in the pool. The objective is to get out and move — and earn a medal for your efforts.

Join the Top Trail Journeys Facebook Group to connect with other participants and share your journey with us. What’s your “why” — how is it going? We love to see the photos of your journey along the way. Do you walk, horseback ride or drive (equine), hike, bike, swim— to get outside, to stay fit, to alleviate stress, something else? Do your dogs tag along? Do you walk your horse, mule, mini, or Llama?


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Full List PDF: 2021 BCHI State and Chapter Leadership

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BCHA-Volunteer Activity-Abstract

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The BLM Wilson Creek Recreation Area on the Owyhee front is currently the “IN” place to be on weekends. Usership is up over 1000% over past years by a number of different groups. Mountain bikers make up the majority currently followed closely by hikers, 4-wheeler & side-by-sides, and then horseman. While it is still possible to ride trails where your are more likely to see hawks and coyotes then people, popular trails through some of the amazing canyons can be crowded. But the biggest issue currently is parking. By 09:00 on Saturday March 13, 2021 the main parking lot was 60% full of cars with a majority of them carrying one or more bikes, by 10:30 that lot had filled and cars were parking outside the designated area.
Members of BCHI who arrived around 09:00 made the choice to use the overflow parking north of the main area as a number of trailers were expected, this area also quickly filled and other riders continued past both areas to other level areas further up Wilson Creek road.  The BLM and a number of mountain bike user groups like SWIMBA and Rolling H Cycle, and the Idaho Horse  Council and BCHI have formed a working committee the “Wilson Creek Trails Coalition” to work together to work to reduce conflicts and parking issues to ensure all users have a positive experience.  BCHI have a number of members on this committee, for Squaw Butte that member is Sharie Fitzpatrick who happens to live near the area and rides it often.

On March 13 our chapter ride at Wilson Creek was very well attended and with quick thinking by Arlyn and Dave we were able to for the most part park together in the overflow lot.

As the weather was almost perfect and it appeared that a majority of the bikers were heading south west out of the main parking lot towards Wilson Creek and Hard Trigger Canyons, the group headed east in the general direction of the China Ditch canyon. While we did see a number of bikers and spoke to a few for the most part they were in the distance and did not present any issues. While we were in the China Ditch canyon itself we didn’t meet any other users until we reached the southern end where you climb out of the canyon heading back west. There we met a dozen bikers and a number of hikers. We stopped and talked to them for a while before continuing our loop.

By 14:00 we were back at the trailers, and while many cars had left, still more were arriving. Let’s hope that the various user group that love this area working together can find ways for us to continue enjoying this treasure with out loving it to death.  If you are interested in working with this committee contact Ann Potcher  ampotcher@gmail.com

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New Member Flyer 2021

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2021-04-24 Clinic Handout

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Burk’s new book tells essential story of Montana’s wild places
What better thing could a bunch of old timers leave for us before taking off to those fabled “happy hunting grounds” than to tell us the story, and maybe show us a few pictures as well, of the most remarkable places they’ve been, the marvelous things they’ve seen, and the deep respect they’ve gained for everything wild in Montana. A couple of old timers, Dale Burk of Stevensville and Wayne Chamberlin of Helena, along with over 70 other writers and photographers, have done just that in the new book, “A Wild Land Ethic – The Story of Wilderness in Montana.”

Co-editors Burk and Chamberlin have managed to pull together a masterful collection of stories and photos from some of the most dedicated and influential wilderness advocates in the state, each one giving us a glimpse into the awesome majesty of the wild, informing us of its intrinsic value and conveying the need to protect Montana’s wildlife and wild places for future generations. The book is dedicated to the late Ken and Florence Baldwin of Bozeman, early advocates in Montana for wilderness preservation and founders of the Montana Wilderness Association.

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At the BCHA newsletter office, we know these challenging times are hard on everyone, especially with concerns over holiday gatherings and such. The BCHA newsletter is a touchstone for all across the country who share a love of packing and riding in the beautiful wilderness. The newsletter is a reminder that things can and will get back to normal. Please help me fill a few pages.
My best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season,
Sherry Jennings
Send your stories, articles and pictures to
Sherry Jennings at BCHAEditor@comcast.net




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Membership Presentation 111120


GAOA Presentation


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BCHA Youth Program Video

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From: Randy Rasmussen
Sent: Wed, 23 Sep 2020
Subject: Re: Reminder and Update: National Directors Call

BCHA National Directors:

Regarding our conversation this evening about Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) funding, which is intended to address “priority deferred maintenance” over the next 5 years, the take-home message is this:

1. All interested BCH states/chapters should contact their local US Forest Service office to provide input on trail maintenance projects important to horsemen and that can be implemented in Fiscal Years (FYs) 2022 through 2025.
– The list of projects is more-or-less set in stone for FY’21, which starts October 1st–but they’ll need your help next field season with many of these too!

  1. Most, if not all, USFS District Rangers and Forest Supervisors are well aware of the GAOA and scrambled within the past several weeks to develop their lists for FY’21.
    – They should be reaching out to your chapters in short order, to develop their lists for FY’22 and beyond. Plus, there should be future “public listening sessions” for such input.
    – Either way, contact your local USFS officials *within the next few weeks* to let them know of your interest in providing input on specific trail maintenance needs (and how your chapter can help, including whether entering into a Cost-Share Agreement would be viewed as beneficial by local USFS officials).
  2. As a result of the 2016 National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act (aka,”Trails Act”), the USFS identified 15 priority areas throughout the nation to demonstrate progress in addressing the trail maintenance backlog.
    – A map and description of those areas can be found at: https://www.fs.usda.gov/managing-land/trails/priority-areas
  3. The priority areas were established at a time when the USFS did not have special funding to address, in a broad fashion, their trail maintenance backlog. Now that GAOA funding will be available over the next 5 years. T
    – The agency will no doubt look far beyond these 15 priority areas to address priority deferred maintenance for trails. So don’t despair if your local forest is not within the current priority areas!

5. As Chairman Wallace said, for those chapters involved in trail maintenance projects with the BLM, National Park Service and US Fish & Wildlife Service, you are encouraged to also reach out to them to inquire about how you can help set priorities and engage in their use of GAOA funding.

Best, Randy Rasmussen, M.S.

Director, Public Lands & Recreation | Back Country Horsemen of America

WildernessAdvisor@bcha.org | 541.602.0713 | www.bcha.org

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LINK TO FORM                         LINK TO READING ROOM

FSM 7710 Summary for Comment.pdf

FSM 7700 Summary for Comment.pdf

FSM 7700 Zero Code Definitions to CARA.pdf

FSM 7710 Travel Planning to CARA.pdf

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CONTACT US: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/r4/about-region/contactus/?cid=fsbdev3_016050

Boise National Forest – 2020
Tawnya Brummett – Forest Supervisor
Kandice Cotner
 ​ – Acting Deputy Forest Supervisor
1249 South Vinnell Way, Suite 200
Boise, ID 83709

Lucky Peak Nursery
15169 East Highway 21
Boise, ID 837

Cascade Ranger District
Jake Strohmeyer​ – District Ranger
PO Box 696
540 North Main Street
Cascade, ID 83611

Emmett Ranger District
Katie Wood – District Ranger
1805 Highway 16, Room 5
Emmett, ID 83617

Idaho City Ranger District
John Wallace – District Ranger
PO Box 129
Highway 21, Milepost 38.3
Idaho City, ID 83631

Lowman City Ranger District
John Kidd – District Ranger
7359 Highway 21
Lowman, ID 83637

Mountain Home Ranger District
Stephaney Kerley – District Ranger
2180 American Legion Boulevard
Mountain Home, ID 83647

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FALL  2019

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TO: Rod Parks
Just so folks aren’t overwhelmed with all the documents I sent you, the Regional Forester letter and 7 attachments are meant as a “packet” for the local Forest Service unit to be able to implement this framework (such as the template letter and template wording that local Forest Service staff will add to a volunteer agreement so a volunteer who is a designated firearm user for stock euthanasia is covered for workers’ compensation).

The three documents that will be relevant for BCH members will be the Qualification Inquiry, the list requesting folks who would like to be considered for designation, and the Job Hazard Analysis (specific to firearm use). The other documents in the packet are to help the local FS unit understand the framework and pull all the other pieces of this together, to help make it go as smooth as possible.

Also, as clarification, the Forest Service policy re: volunteers and firearms isn’t new — it’s been in place for many years (I’ve shared it below). What is being “piloted” in R1 is a framework to help make the policy more workable for volunteers who would need firearms for stock euthanasia.

Here’s the current policy:
Forest Service Manual (FSM) 1833.12 – Volunteers Using Firearms
Volunteers may carry firearms in situations where field-going employees (except law enforcement employees) would carry them. Such volunteers must receive appropriate training and certification for firearm use and meet any other requirements for firearms handling.

I hope that helps!









FROM: Rod Parks

Below is the official version of the Volunteer Firearm Users Policies & Forms. Only three attachments are pertinent to BCHI members.

Also Attached is a letter from Joni Packard that has the policy explained in a simple version.

BCHI members need reminded that this policy currently is a pilot program in Region 1 only and does not apply if any chapters are using a Challenge Cost Share Agreement to perform volunteer projects.

It is only offered if your chapter is volunteering on a signed Volunteer Agreement.

Another note, Joni Packard has retired so any questions should be emailed to David Sabo

Email: Dave Sabo <david.sabo@usda.gov>

Thanks, Rod Parks BCHI Chairman

R1 JHA Volunteer_firearm_animal_disposal -signed


Zipped file of USFS Documents

Euthanize a Horse in an Emergency with Gun


25. May 2020 · Comments Off on BCHI – Public Events Liability Insurance Coordinator Needed · Categories: BCHI /BCHA

BCHI Members:

Bill Conger has done a fantastic job as Insurance Coordinator for many years, but he advised me that he is ready to pass this position on to a new member with BCHI.

Please consider volunteering to take over this position as a state director. If you are not interested, please pass this email on to all your chapter members, as a person does not have to be a director to hold the position, just a member of any chapter. An insurance background may be beneficial, but not required.

The Liability Insurance Policy only covers participants from the public that attend events and activities sponsored by BCHI Chapters. It does not cover any BCHI members.

Below is a job description for you to review. Also there is information and forms on the BCHI Website at https://www.bchi.org/documents.htm under “Public Events Liability Insurance”.

Please contact me by phone or email me with any questions and if you are willing to volunteer for this position.


Rod Parks

BCHI Chairman, 208-791-3246,  rod.d.parks@gmail.com

June 15, 2020 Update

Welcome our new BCHI Insurance Coordinator,

Corey L Dwinell
841 N Boulder Ct #A
Post Falls ID 83854
email: Corey L Dwinell <coreysfarmers@gmail.com>


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07. May 2020 · Comments Off on Dennis R. Dailey of Pinedale, Wyoming | 1943 – 2020 | Obituary · Categories: BCHI /BCHA

“If my world should end today I will have led a good life. My bucket list is not overflowing with unfulfilled dreams. Oh, there are a lot of things that I’d still like to do, but most of them I’ve done already and simply want to do again or do in new places. My regrets do not involve unfulfilled dreams, they involve leaving the people behind that are most dear to me and have comprised the fabric and color of my life.

As a boy growing up in South Dakota, I was inspired by the movie cowboys – Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Randolph Scott, and others – of heroes on horses or sitting at a campfire singing and playing a guitar while the sun set in the west, and then, of course, riding off into the sunset with a beautiful girl at my side. I was never a cowboy, but I’ve ridden many miles of high country trail, smelled horse sweat and listened to the creak of a saddle, and I’ve been blessed with the love of a good woman, my wife, life partner, and best friend, and the company of a number of good horses and dogs. Money cannot buy the experiences I’ve enjoyed. I did it all.

I have lived my dreams. While many people hope they are able to take a vacation once a year, my life has been a vacation. My work has involved two very important elements of my dreams: working with horses and working in the wilderness. I never had a job in the Forest Service that didn’t involve wilderness, including some very spectacular wildernesses – the Bob Marshall, the Bridger, and the Selway-Bitterroot, and I was able to enjoy them from horseback. After the Forest Service, I worked with the Back Country Horsemen of America for 16 years working to preserve the opportunity for equestrians to enjoy horses and mules in wilderness and backcountry. For me, work and recreation seemed to merge into one.

I have spent most of my adult life preserving and protecting god’s resources. Unless we can feel the beauty of our wildlands down deep in our souls and understand that they are a gift from God, we can foolishly believe that God created the earth and its resources for the sole purpose of our exploitation. The Bible tells us to “Follow the desires of your heart and your eyes, but know that God will bring you to judgement for all these things.” Ecclesiastes 11:9. Geoghegan and Homan interpret this passage to mean: “The chief aim of life – given the inevitability of death – is to enjoy life before we grow old,…but live life to the fullest while still living right.” (The Bible for Dummies) I pray that by following my passion that I have recognized and used the tools and abilities that God gave me to accomplish the purpose that he had in mind when he created me.”

Dennis leaves behind his wife Liz, children Lesley (Chuck) Wenz, David Dailey, and Michael Dailey (Stacey) and Michael’s children Rylee and Sam. Dennis served 8 years in the Air Force.

In lieu of formal services, Dennis and his family encourage you to stroll the trails at the CCC Ponds outside of Pinedale, Wyoming, and allow God’s gifts of nature to feed your soul in any way you choose.


This is what Steve Didier sent out about Dennis:

Dennis Dailey was an icon who had a profound affect on BCH, locally and at the National level. He was instrumental in the formation of the North Central Idaho BCH chapter when he was District Ranger of the only all wilderness District in the Region. And he quickly became my mentor in the depths of wilderness law and management. Subsequently he guided me and BCHA in public lands advocacy and management. We spent countless hours together in public lands meetings and travel, all the while he was guiding state organizations like California BCH in their legal struggles on overreaches in Forest Service Region 6.

Sadly we grew apart when he and his wife Liz moved back to Wyoming, none the less, his passing is deeply felt by me and all who knew him.

Happy celestial trails Dennis, till we meet again.

from Rod Parks

Dennis was a long time member of BCH of North Central Idaho and a state director for many years. He and his wife Liz moved to Wyoming when he retired. He was never a National Director of BCHA that I can remember, but for many years he was the Wilderness Advisor to BCHA. I called Dennis many times when I was a BCHI National Direcctor for guidance when we were going through the Trail Classification Task with BCH and the forest service. He was a wealth of information and always willing to help and advise.

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Executive Committee Minutes 04/14/2020

BCHA Public Lands Call April 13, 2020


Public Lands Workshop #1

Public Lands Workshop #2