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February 2016 President’s Corner

January 2016 President¹s Corner

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Janine Townsend

Copies of the President Corner’s written by Janine Townsend in 2013

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Our 2011 Grand jean weekend was outstanding, and well worth our time from many perspectives. First off, it was downright Fun as everyone came with a smile on their face and left with one too. All humans and critters were safe, but a few sore muscles have been reported.

Second, there was fireside Cross cut Saw training put on by Sawtooth trail ranger Deb Peters on Friday.  This was some great Education for us and demonstrates our continuing partnership with the Sawtooth Ranger District.

Third, a small group of “willing volunteers” got some practical experience on the North Barron Creek trail, using the Chapter’s Saw purchased last year. At the same time on Saturday, other members rode different trails removing down fall when encountered. Even our newest member, Laurie Bryant (AKA the Wanderer) was having Fun brushing out trails and got to experience that BCH is more than just a riding club.

On Sunday some riders headed out and Bill & I finally got to the top & enjoyed Trail Lakes. The scenery was breath taking and I believe Linda Hays went thru 29 rolls of film that day.
The Meals were delicious and showed the culinary talents and creativity of our membership. So, while you are reflecting on the great time had by all, please get on the website and log your hours. I know the navigation is a bit different, but let’s try to enter the information. If you get stuck and are ready the throw the computer out the window, Rob is always willing to help.

Please check out our activities and participate when you can. Packers Play Day is right around the corner and that is always Fun, plus it promotes our organization to the Emmett community.  Calendars are coming too.

Hope to see you on the Trail, Marybeth Conger

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While at the Co-Op buying a plant, my phone rang. It was a local TV reporter who, after checking out our Website, viewing the photos, & reading the May/June Newsletter was hoping to film some recreational riding activities with SBBCH.  He is reviewing his schedule and plans to get back with me, but how cool is this that he called? Everything we do, such as Meeting attendance, Public outreach clinics, Photo submission, Education endeavors, Articles from us for our Newsletter, Volunteer hours, Rides and Trail activities, updates by our Webmaster, etc. is making a difference and getting our message out there. People are noticing.

In July we have some outstanding fun projects, so please come to what you can. There is the Crooked Creek Trail Project July 2, 3, 4 in Idaho City that has some beautiful scenery. Next is the July 23 and 24 Grand Jean North Baron Creek trail Project.  There are only so many heart beats on the trail project but the rest of the group could enjoy a fun ride in another area.  This is a great area for our members to recreate in, so please consider this one.

Now, I would like to acknowledge the new members that have joined SBBCH this year, so please welcome them to our Chapter when you see them:  Mildred Bryant, Heather Holloway along with Ron and Diane Woods – Jan 2011, Tia Davis- March 2011, Sharon Prindel, Jim Reid, along with Bob and Pam VanHooser- April 2011, and lastly Bill and Lois Murphy June 2011. Let’s always make them feel welcome. So….. how about making a quick phone call to a new member that might be close to you and invite them to an event.

Next, I would like to give kudos to Dan Murphy who joined the Chapter in 2008 with his wife Connie. You will recall that Dan put together the Radio package (x four) which helps us to communicate on the trail and stay safe.  He also volunteered his time and taught First Aide/CPR to us and is willing to teach a more advanced course to members.  YEAH!  Your BOD approved the $200 course cost with more details to follow.  He is also working on the Chapter First Aid kit with Doc Shannon and Ellen, offering his practical insight. I am sure they will be upgrading the kit and training all of us on what’s in there in the near future.

The July photo is a picture of Phil Ryan, setting up a high line for my Horse Fred at Grandjean, as he (Phil) is always the gentleman. It is nice to have friends and members that are willing to trailer share.

See you on the trail, MB Conger

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Bill & I just got back from a great conditioning ride in the BLM hills around our house with the mule string and Lilly & Sam; who decided they should bring their human too.  I will only speak for myself, but it seems each year it takes a bit longer to get in shape.

At the May meeting, our Treasurer Kay, confirmed the Yard sale was record breaking! Chaps off to Terry, Gail, Charles, and Ellen for organizing this event and all the members that came that day.  This Yard sale is one of four fundraising activities, which enables the chapter to purchase equipment items like the large saw, radios and contribute other costs for Trail activities and Education endeavors.

The First Aide and CPR Class was held May 31st and June 1st  at Charles and Ellen’s place and yes the Chapter provided the dinner. Our own Dan Murphy volunteered and taught this class and did an outstanding job, as usual.  In fact, I received an email from him that he is looking into what it would take to get this Training to the next level for perhaps next year. Not exact, but may be something similar to First Responder training, perhaps something for next year. More details to come in the future and Dan no rush on this. Enjoy your vacation time with family.

I am fortunate to have such a great working relationship with VP Doc Shannon. She has agreed to take on a new project and will be reviewing current trail information and pulling it together in an effort to provide trail information to members. Why? To try and get more members involved. I am sure we will be hearing more from her on this project.

Another idea for increasing membership involvement is to provide some fun incentives such as cash and/or gas cards to come join us on activities.  We are also looking into a Spring Membership Appreciation ride and there is even talk of a Thank you for joining us BBQ this fall.

Hope to see you on the trail!  Please check out the activities as there is something for just about everyone.   Don’t think you have to go on everything as we all have life, but come join us when you can.  We offer a variety of activities to appeal to more members, vs.  just having 3 or 4 things in a year.  Rob Adams does an outstanding job planning things ahead for us.

I just had to include this photo, but my only question to you three , is how many women does it take to saddle a mule or is their more going on here?

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May 2011- Come Join Us

Hot off the presses, the March BCHI calendar winner is Heather Dobbs from Emmett.  I will present the $500.00 check to this young lady at the upcoming May meeting. Our Roving reporter Phil plans to capture this Kodak moment.

Spring has sprung, so Fred & I are hitting the trail to get in shape and have some fun riding.  The good looking mules are Babe and Sis who have been taking care of me on backcountry trips for years.

The annual Potluck Ride at the Butte hosted by Charles and Ellen was outstanding. The weather was awesome, the views unbelievable and the food was delicious, as usual.  I do need to report a disappearance of some home baked cookies that left the food table and ended up in someone’s horse trailer.  Please let Terry and Gail know if you have any information.  Also a new budding romance is developing between Lilly and a sorrel Quarter horse.  Stay tuned for more details. It was great seeing Linda Adams and Kay Ryan too.

The AQHA/BCHI ride is coming up Saturday May 7th at the Wilson Creek Trail Head, near Murphy and Janine Townsend and Margaret Bergeron are off and galloping with this project. It is great having their fresh ideas on this project. Way to go you two!

Also let’s not forget about Spring Highway cleanup Wednesday the 11th starting at 6:00 pm. Charles Lox is coordinating and is anxious to find another interesting item during this cleanup. Could it be time for Bear II?  Actually, this important project shows our commitment to the Emmett community; enables us to keep the Sign on the Highway, which promotes our organization. Kudos to Charles for taking it on again in 2011.

The Yard sale is right around the corner too on the 28th and Terry, Gail, and Ellen are coordinating that for us. Bring your treasures and have fun helping the SBBCH chapter with one of its fund raising activities. How about another large Saw or perhaps some other Education items to keep us safe out there?

Check out the Chapter’s activity page as there are some outstanding Education clinics and Trail projects too. Hope you can make some of the fun activities in May and of course the rest of the summer.  The SBBCH goal is to offer a variety of fun events, rides, clinics, trail projects, good food throughout the year, so our members will have some options to choose from. Please come join us when you can.

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Spring is here, finally!  Fred and I enjoyed sharing the trail with a few brave souls this past Saturday doing trail clean up past the Gem Cycle Park. No one found anything as interesting as Charles did at last year’s Road cleanup, but I did see a certain mule named Lilly with several cow skulls tied to her butt. Aren’t mules great?  This counts as trail work, so please remember to log your hours.

It is time to start getting ourselves and our critters in shape for upcoming activities. We have some great Rides coming up, Trail fun projects, Education events, and Horse expo to name a few. Please check out our event calendar and come join us. We should be hearing some updates on the joint AQHA/BCH Ride too.

Also, our annual Yard sale is right around the corner, so remember to put those items aside while doing spring cleanup.  Keep in mind this fund raiser enables the chapter to purchase some big ticket items such as that rather large Saw that is at Phil’s house and the 4 Radios that will soon be at Rob’s place.

It is great seeing involvement of new members in our chapters’ activities.  Charles and Lorraine Chick continue to provide some fun education opportunities for us. Jake Lemon took on the State calendar photo project with gusto and has finalized that. Then there is Janine who continues to handle Volunteer Hours reporting with some fun things planned for us.

Our Chapter Newsletter is a great way to communicate and spotlight all of the great things we do during the year. Linda is always looking for articles, photos so let’s make 2011 the best year ever by continuing to send her items during the year.  Also thanks to Linda for getting SBBCH set up on Facebook which is but another way to reach out to the public and members.

Look for future kudos….. See you on the trail, MBC