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2022 PNWCG Hazard Tree Safety Alert

Field Guide Hazrd-Tree ID

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The following list sets forth the minimally acceptable number and type of first-aid supplies for first-aid kits required under paragraph (d)(2) of the logging standard. The contents of the first-aid kit listed should be adequate for small work sites, consisting of approximately two to three employees. When larger operations or multiple operations are being conducted at the same location, additional first-aid kits should be provided at the work site or additional quantities of supplies should be included in the first-aid kits:

1. Gauze pads (at least 4 x 4 inches).

2. Two large gauze pads (at least 8 x 10 inches).

3. Box adhesive bandages (band-aids).

4. One package gauze roller bandage at least 2 inches wide.

5. Two triangular bandages.

6. Wound cleaning agent such as sealed moistened towelettes.

7. Scissors.

8. At least one blanket.

9. Tweezers.

10. Adhesive tape.

11. Latex gloves.

12. Resuscitation equipment such as resuscitation bag, airway, or

pocket mask.

13. Two elastic wraps.

14. Splint.

15. Directions for requesting emergency assistance.

[59 FR 51672, Oct. 12, 1994; 60 FR 47022, Sept. 8, 1995]

The specs for the Type IV First Aid Kit

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Travis Dotson and Alex Viktora discuss the Tree Felling Accident Analysis – a report comparing 53 different tree felling accidents.

Topics covered include:

Predicting Tree Reactions
Hung-Up Trees
Two People at the Base
Area Control
Escape Routes
Accidents During Training
If you have anything to do with chainsaws on the fireline…tune in.

Download the report at: https://www.wildfirelessons.net/viewdocument/tree-felling-accident-analysis

2021 Falling Incident with Helicopter