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National Wilderness Skill Institute 2022 – May 24, 25 & 26, 2022


Some the more popular sessions:

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BCHO Sawyer Web page

Saw Certification Program Documents

USFS Manuals and Other Information

Work Party Documents

  • Tailgate Safety Briefing – Cover Sheet – MS Word or PDF
  • Tailgate Safety Checklist – Work Party Leader – MS Word or PDF
  • Tailgate Safety Briefing – Work Party Members – MS Word or PDF

Safety Information

Instruction Videos

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PPE: Do Not Pick Up a Saw without it!

How to Properly Operate and Maintain Your Chainsaw (STIHL USA)

Danger! Chain Saw Safety – Training Video

Chainsaw Chaps – Why wear them?

520-120 / 410-120 Chain Grinder Operating Instructions

Sharping you saw chains with a power grinder

Chainsaw How To – Notch and Hinge Techniques

Time to refresh your Saw Skills

BC Sawyer Training Video’s

BC Sawyer Training #1        BC Sawyer Training #2        BC Sawyer Training #3        BC Sawyer Training #4

BC Sawyer Training #5        BC Sawyer Training #6         BC Sawyer Training #7       BC Sawyer Training #8

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April 29 dawned a clear and promising day for the Squaw Butte Trailer Rodeo and Pack Clinic. In 2016 the rodeo weather could only be considered challenging with high winds and heavy rain, but today was going to be great. Rodeo instructors Lorraine & Charles Chick and Nancy Smith set up the trailer challenge course in the parking lot of the sand lot arena in Emmett, Idaho. The course consisted of a number of trailer challenges that would both test the drivers abilities and help them learn tricks and techniques to make trailer handling easier. One of the challenges was to back your trailer into a space that was offset from your starting location, requiring the driver to perform a backing “S” to both the right and left.

Nancy Smith coaching the driver while she performs the “S” backing challenge

Members who completed all the challenges were presented with a certificate of excellence

Meanwhile in a corner of the parking lot, well away from the trucks and trailer member / instructors Phil Ryan, Bill Conger and Rob Adams brought numerous examples of packing equipment and different packing saddle type and with members and guest talked about advantages and disadvantages for different pieces of equipment, proper packing techniques, how to build loads and tie manties. Box, Basket, Barrel and Diamond hitches were demonstrated and discussed and participants had lots of hands on time to understand the techniques and learn some of the tricks. What we take and why was discussed and suggestions were made for proper stock handling so you don’t end up with your equipment next to a perfect mountain lake and your stock back at the trailer many miles away without you.  All who participated said it was a very worthwhile day.  Consider joining us at a future clinic!

More Pictures from the clinic

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CPR & Wilderness First Aid Refresher – Saturday, May 27, 2017
Time: 08:00 to 17:00
Location: Bogus Basin Office, 2600 N. Bogus Basin Rd, Boise, ID 83702
This class has a limit on the number of participants, so Sign up Now!
This hands on day is being hosted by members of the Bogus Basin Ski Patrol
Lead instructor – Karen Alfonso-King
This day is very hands on and is tailored to the types of medical situations that we are likely to encounter.
Squaw Butte Member cost is $20, non-members $50 (the chapter will be cost sharing with members)

Sign up for this event like you would for any other chapter ride or project.
Contact: Marybeth Conger, 208-369-0769 Education@sbbchidaho.org

More Pictures
Bogus Basin Ticket Office, 2600 N. Bogus Basin Rd,Boise, ID 83702

It is also highly recommended you have one of these books in your library and take it with you into the back country.

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2350-1PDF 2358-Saw-Policy-TAI-6-11-15_0



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SawCaseSquaw Butte teamed up with Boise and Gem County 4-H groups to kick off the weekend for their annual Backcountry Skills clinic. Normally open to the public, the chapter decided on something different this year by focusing on the younger generation of future backcountry horsemen and women.

Saturday was filled with an informative presentation by the always popular Dr. Hardy, DVM and packing demonstrations by our local chapter experts, Rob Adams and Phil Ryan.

Pre-ride safety meeting

Pre-ride safety meeting

Threatening weather conditions did little to dampen participation for Sunday’s trail ride at the Emmett Horse Park. Rob Adams started the morning with a pre-safety meeting complete with helmet checks. Anyone going on the ride was required to wear a helmet. Some of us are still getting over the visual of Chick wearing something besides his trade-mark cowboy hat. However, rules are there for safety and safety trumps style. Fashion sense aside, Chick was a trooper sporting his plastic bubble head…two sizes too small.

The large group split up into 3 smaller groups for safety and minimal impact on the environment. Rob, Phil Ryan and Linda Erickson each led a group on a moderate, 3 hour ride over Emmett’s rolling hills.


“Captain” Phil leading the pack

Back at base-camp, lunch was served: Sloppy Joes, chips, potato salad and brownies to die for. All in all, a pretty decent day in the saddle.  Good food, fair weather and a fun group of kids to share it with.


Didn't take long for everyone to trade in their helmets for a dinner plate.

Didn’t take long for everyone to trade in their helmets for a dinner plate.



Back at home, I downloaded the few pictures I took. I noticed right off that I didn’t take as many as I normally do. I think I know why. There are some things that just ain’t right… and Chick in that plastic bubble head…well, that’ just ain’t right.


Click here for full set of pictures!

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4-H Halloween Trail Clinic

By Marybeth Conger, one of several Squaw Butte Back Country Horseman Volunteers

4H crew

The 4-H Halloween Trail Clinic at the Gem Country Race Track in Emmett Idaho on October 19th was a great success.

Lots of Learning and some serious fun was had by all on October 19th.  The Squaw Butte Chapter decided it was time to get serious and promote Backcountry Horseman to those that do not have a plethora of gray hair.  Gail Duke, the 4Horse leader Superintendent, embraced Linda Erickson’s outreach offer, and the Halloween Trail Clinic evolved with the SBBCH chapter providing coaches at various obstacles and registration assistance. We also set up a booth with Backcountry Horseman of Idaho information and even had complimentary Horse Soaps from the SBBCH chapter for participants. The Peppermint Soap was by far the favorite of the participants and the horses.

4 H Trail Clinic

Over 30 participants went thru the obstacles at the race track where there were experienced trail riders and coaches positioned thru out the course. Morning was for intermediate and advanced riders and afternoon for beginners. These obstacles were awesome and helped to build confidence in the rider and the horse. But there was fun too, and games included a Costume contest, Trick or Treating on horseback and even Horse bobbing for apples.  So Kudos should go to SBBCH members Phil and Kay Ryan, Charles and Lorraine Chick, Bill Holt, Janine Townsend, Rob Adams, and yours truly for volunteering that day and yes we made a difference.  The SBBCH Chapter is starting to receive hand written Thank you cards from 4 H members who participated.

4H Clinic Volunteers



Next we are volunteering to help Gail Duke, 4h Leader Superintendent with a 4-H Trail ride so some of the Arena/ Fair horses will get a chance to get outside in the Backcountry. Since we must lead by example and the 4-H rule in Gem country is helmets, we should have some great photos. Promoting Backcountry Horseman to 4 H is a logical way for our organization to grow.


See you on the trail.


MB Conger



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Trail_huggers View classes // visit Missouri Volunteers Website

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What’s New with Education Backcountry Horseman of Idaho

From Marybeth Conger, BCHI Education Committee member


2011 Fry Over 150This year we have grown into a committee which is a great way to mentor members while accomplishing more on our Education agenda. The Committee consists of Bonnie Fox – Treasure Valley BCH, Joseph Brinkman- Eagle Rock BCH, Cindy Walker- Salmon River BCH and Marybeth Conger- Squaw Butte BCH,  so there is some great geographic representation.  At our recent meeting in Nampa, ID we set forth the following Education areas of importance, in random order.

First let’s talk about Volunteers hours. Keeping track of all our volunteer efforts is one of the  most important things we can do in our efforts to keep our access to riding areas.  So, we will be redistributing Volunteer Hour Reporting Guides to all chapters to increase awareness and both the number and type of hours reported.  Plus we are bringing a FUN Volunteer Hours puzzle to the 2014 Convention, so please come and get your name in the hat to win a fabulous Education prize.

Second, we will be updating The Education and Public Relations section of the Backcountry Horseman of Idaho Planning Guide.   I know, this sounds a bit dry and perhaps boring, but updating this guide with education items accomplished and identifying new ones, helps the committee stay focused on the preamble set forth in the Backcountry Horseman of Idaho bylaws.

Third we will be asking for chapter input to Identify Education needs and ask for mentors willing to help with education.   A list of available mentors will then be made available to all chapters.  Yes, we will be communicating with each chapter’s Education chair or the President if none is listed on the officer register.  So, chapter President’s if you haven’t had time to get someone for the Education position, please do, and don’t forget to the State Secretary know too.

Lastly one of our committee members recently completed a  Nine Mile Leave No Trace Master Training session, so it is a perfect time to review the Leave No Trace information in the Backcountry Horseman Education manual  found on our website.  We want to make sure the BCHI.org website has the latest and greatest information, for your use when teaching, preparing, and conducting Educational & Leave No Trace clinics, reports, seminars, etc. or   while you  are actively attending or presenting at  Public meetings relating to BCH activities’ or issues.

All for now and hope to see you on the trail.

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participants at the 2013 safe trail riding clinic

The Squaw Butte and Boise Chapters of the Backcountry Horsemen of Idaho pulled together a successful 2013 backcountry skills clinic. That success is attributed in no small part to outstanding presenters and participants of this year’s event.

From backcountry equine first-aid to equine therapeutic massage, participants were treated to demonstrations and lectures from top experts in the equine field.

A major emphasis on trail safety was evident as dozens of horses and riders put their skills to the test in the simulated trail course put together by Squaw Butte education committee leaders Chuck and Lorraine Chick.

The event finished off with demonstrations in different packing techniques by several of the backcountry horsemen’s experienced packers.

This year’s event had something for everyone from the novice to the experienced trail rider.

A sincere thank you to all of our presenters and participants in this year’s backcountry skills clinic – YOU ROCK!

For a complete write-up with pictures – please click

Equine First Aid Manual

Read More

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2010 was the seventh year Squaw Butte has put on a public clinic.  The first time we held a clinic, Bill & Marybeth Conger organized a purely packing event that was well received by our members and a few guests.  Over the next couple of years the clinic was primarily a packing clinic with some added classes in Dutch oven cooking and meal planning added.  Year four we hoped to broaden the offering to draw in more guest by adding classes in first aid (human & stock), knots, and brought outside speakers in to help with the presentations.  This was the first year that Dr. David Hays spoke.  The packing aspect of the clinic became something you could do between presentation, and the clinic started to take on the feel of a multi ring circus.  Years five and six we tried to refine this approach with more presentation offering.

At the 2010 leadership meeting in January, we discussed what we had learned in seven years, what had worked, what didn’t.  A couple of things really stood out.  The first is March, the traditional month we held the clinic, weather was to unpredictable and most years it was cold, windy and often rained.  While the indoor arena provided some shelter, it still could be uncomfortable for our members and guest.  March was also before all the horse shows that BCHI has a booth at, so getting the word out was harder.  The second revelation was that the clinic had too many activates and presentations to fit into a single day.  It felt rushed and at time disorganized.  A decision was made to extend the clinic to a full weekend, to hold it in May and to divide the clinic up in to a presentation day and a hands on day.

Day one was to be a full day on interactive presentations with experts in various fields of interest to Back Country riders.  We choose the theme “Talk to the Experts” and Nancy Harper Schindele took on the responsibility of contacting presenters and organizing the days activates.  Day two we wanted to be completely hands on, with a return to our original packers clinic but we also wanted to pilot the forest services “Defensive Horsemanship” course that is very popular with chapters in the northern part of the state.  Phil Ryan contacted Dale Schrempp of the Priest River Valley BCH. Dale had been teaching the course for a number of year and was willing to help lead our pilot.  We quickly realized that the name was confusing  to our members and the public, so we modified it to “Safe Trail Riding / Defensive Horsemanship”  Rob Adams coordinated the Packing skills clinic.  We broke each clinic into two half day sessions so member and guest could attend both if they wanted, or spend more time refining skills and asking questions.

Saturday – Day 1:  Talk to the Experts (Presentations)

Camping with Stock – Marybeth and Bill Conger

Trail First Aid – When the vet is hours away – Joe Rumsey DMV

Idaho Stock Laws – That you need to know – Larry Hayhurst, Idaho State Brand Inspector

Recreation in the Boise Nation Forest –  Emmett Ranger District

The Mechanics of Movement – David Hays DMV

Healthy Hoofs – No Hoof, No Horse – Julie Mills Womack & Associates

Equine Dental Care – Justine Spencer

Saturday proved the old adage, that you can never count on Idaho spring weather, it was as cold and rainy as any March day. But, we had the indoor arena, everyone dressed warm and all who attended participated in a full day of excellent presentations that generated lively discussions and the exchange of a lot of valuable information.  The youth rodeo association of Idaho City provided an excellent lunch, and by the end of the day all who attended felt the day was a complete success.

Sunday – Day 2 ( Hands on clinics)

Sunday, the weather gods smiled on us some, the sun came out and the rain stopped.  The outdoor arena sand was so saturated with water, that it felt a bit like walking on quick sand, but that turned out to be a plus for the Safe Trail Riding clinic.  Phil and Dale had an excellent turnout for both the morning and afternoon sessions and all who participated talked about how worthwhile the clinic had been.  The packing clinic was also a complete success with thanks going to instructor / mentors Jake Lemon, Bill Conger, Ellen Knapp and Rob Adams.  We had a number of beginner and experienced packers who learned new skills or refined their technique.  We had a range of items to pack, and both horse and mules to practice on.  Lunch was provided by the 4H and was enjoyed by all.

The two day clinic format proved to be a good model for Squaw Butte.  Both days went smoothly, and didn’t have the rushed, often hectic feel of past clinics.  Attendees got the chance to talk at length to presenters and had the opportunity to practice hands on techniques until they were comfortable with them.  I am sure we will be refining the same model when we plan the 2011 Back Country Skills Days.

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 At the November State Board meeting of Back Country Horsemen of Idaho, the idea of a week long Wilderness Skills and Packing clinic sponsored by the State organization and open to Forest service and members of Back Country Horsemen of America was presented.  All fifteen chapters approved the proposal with the Squaw Butte Chapter, Emmett Idaho taking the lead.  The proposed clinic will have a student population of around twenty five and we anticipate a staff of fifteen, for a total of forty people.  The clinic is planned to have students arrive on a Sunday, with classes starting Monday through the following Saturday.  We will be following a curriculum developed by Back Country Horsemen of Idaho which has been presented a number of times to Forest Service personnel in Idaho and a joining state.  The instructors are retired forest service employees and BCHI members,  who have many years of back country and packing experience.  We believe that the unimproved area of the Grandjean campground Sawtooth Ranger District would make a perfect venue for this course.  The nearby trails, generally easy access for people attending and the scenic nature of the area are likely to increase interest in this clinic.


 The Squaw Butte Chapter of Backcountry Horseman of Idaho presents the following proposal to the state board of directors.
WHEREAS:  One of the prime mandates of Backcountry Horseman is providing educational opportunities for our members.
WHEREAS:  Opportunities for attending comprehensive multiday packing skills clinics are limited and can be expensive.
WHEREAS:  Backcountry Horseman of Idaho has a number of members with extensive packing experience and a developed curriculum for such a clinic.
BE IT PROPOSED:  That Backcountry Horseman of Idaho sponsor and hold a five day Wilderness Packing Clinic open to members of Backcountry Horseman of America. The first Wilderness Packing clinic will be held adjacent to the Sawtooth Wilderness at the Grandjean trail head and campground in August 2011.
Submitted to BCHI, Board of Directors
By the Squaw Butte Chapter, BCHI
Details of the Proposal:  Backcountry Horseman of Idaho Wilderness Packing Clinic BCHI host a five day wilderness packing clinic open to members of Backcountry Horseman of America. Attendees will at the end of the clinic be able to safely and confidently pack and transport a variety of loads from a trail head to a destination.  They will be able to travel and camp in the backcountry with minimum impact using LNT techniques, produce hearty meals and maintain healthy stock.
The BCHI mentors will guide the attendees through a curriculum that is both fun and comprehensive.  Some of the items covered will be:
            • The function and fitting of the pack saddle and its’ uses
            • How to make up loads that will ride
            • How and why to tie different hitches
            • How to safely lead a string of mules or horses
            • How to deal with hard to handle pack stock
            • “Leave no trace” methods of livestock camping
            • Basic back country first aid for livestock and humans
            • Backcountry meal planning and preparation
            • Traditions and history of packing in the in backcountry
Location:  This inaugural clinic will be held at the western gateway to the Sawtooth Wilderness at the Grandjean trail head and camp ground. This facility located in Boise National forest next to the head waters of the South Fork of the Payette River provides outstanding stock camping facilities, and is a perfect venue to learn the skills needed to pack into the Sawtooth Wilderness.
Time:  The clinic is planned for August of 2011
Costs:  There will be small fee for active members of Backcountry Horseman of America to attend this clinic required at registration, and certified weed free hay will be available for purchase.
What will be provided by BCHI: Training material, mentors, a variety of loads to train with and a rich history of packing experience to draw from: Community Meals will be provided. A very limited number of training pack stock will be available.
What Attendees need to provide: Camping gear for both trail head and a back country over night. Riding stock, pack stock if they have it and all required tack and stock containment for use at the trail head, and a high line for the over night.

Squaw Butte has been working with the Stanley and Lowman Rangers on getting permits and permissions to hold this event.   We have been working with Liese Dean (Sawtooth) and David Erwin (Lowman) , and they has been guiding us through the process.  We also discussed the best time to hold this event, taking into account weather and visitor loading in the area.

Dates for Clinic (proposed)

Staff Arrival & Departure             Saturday Aug 13, 2011 (Arrival) – Sunday Aug 21, 2011 (Departure)

Students Arrival & Departure      Sunday Aug 14, 2011 (Arrival) – Saturday Aug 20, 2011 (Departure)

Primary Clinic Location –  Grandjean Campground and Trail Head, Overflow area  (Sawtooth Wilderness)

Secondary Location (fire or what ever)  Bear Valley, Elk Meadows, Trail Head (Frank Church)

Both of these locations are in the Stanley area, and are about 40 miles apart.

We are starting to work on the logistical planning, and will have details at the next State Board Meeting.

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Defensive Horsemanship – Sunday  May 23, 2010 – Circle G River Ranch – 8:30 to 16:00 CONTACT: Phil Ryan projects@sbbchidaho.org 208 398-8993

Directions:  http://www.circlegriverranch.com

Defensive Horsemanship, a one day class, will be available to Free to BCHI & USFS Members, $30 to the general public. Dale Schrempp will be the lead instructor. Attendees are encouraged to bring their horses, but stock is not required.  Come be challenged and leave a safer and more confident horseman.  Lunch will be catered by the 4H as a fund raiser

     Online Sign-UP Form  http://sbbchidaho.org/html/event_form.html     

Advanced Sign Up is required to Attend this Clinic

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Sunday  May  23, 2010 – Circle G River Ranch – 8:30 to 16:00 CONTACT: Rob Adams projects@sbbchidaho.org 208 584-3780 Directions: http://www.circlegriverranch.com/   

Sunday will be a totally hands-on day.   This clinic is free to  USFS & BCHI members, and $30 to the General Public.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their horses and pack stock and lots of questions. Online Sign-UP Form  http://sbbchidaho.org/html/event_form.html   Advanced Sign Up is required to attend this Clinic 

This full day is the perfect venue for the aspiring packer to learn the skill and tools to safely take their equipment and stock into the backcountry.  Experience packers will be able to fine tune and expand their skills.   

Participants will work with mentors at a number of skill stations.  Each station will work on a different skill and attendees will have the opportunity to work on the skills at their own pace. 

Advanced stations will have packing problems to challenge experienced packers and to improve their skills.   

Packing stock and equipment will be available for use by participants that do not have their own.   Please indicate if you have pack stock and equipment when you fill out the online sign-up form. Lunch will be catered by the 4H as a fun raiser. 

Calendar of Events:   http://www.my.calendars.net/sbbchidaho

 Squaw Butte BCHI    http://www.sbbchidaho.org

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Hi, everyone!

I would like to let you all know that the “Wilderness First Responder & CPR certification” course will be on Saturday April 10, 2010 at 08:30-1800.  There are 16 slots available.  Everyone who would like to be certified please Fill out an ON-Line Event Form.  Slots are fill on a first come first served basis.  You must be a member of BCHI to attend this training.   http://sbbchidaho.org/html/event_form.html
The sawyer certification class  (A & B Cards) will be on May 15, 2010  starting at 8:30am
you will need to have:
    CPR card
    8″ leather boots
    long sleeve shirt
    safety glasses
    lunch @ water for the day

provided by the ranger district:

    hearing protection

There are 12 slots available.  Everyone who would like to be sawyer certified please Fill out an ON-Line Event Form.  Slots are fill on a first come first served basis.  You must be a member of BCHI to attend this training.  http://sbbchidaho.org/html/event_form.html

Both of these classes will be at the Emmett ranger district office and are free of charge.

Online Sign-UP Form  http://sbbchidaho.org/html/event_form.html  

Advanced Sign Up is required to attend this Class
See you there!

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Backcountry Skills Clinic-Saturday, March 21, 2009 -Circle G Ranch
07:30 – 08:30    Registration & Coffee / Tea / Hot Chocolate

PRESENTATIONS: Main Barn – Indoor Arena (unheated)

Start   Time    Presentation
08:30    5 Min   Welcome & BCHI Information
08:35   55      Packing Equipment (what we take and why)
09:30   30      Idaho Brand Inspector (what you need to know)
10:00   45      Wilderness First Responders (911 is not an option)
10:45   60      From you’re horse point of view (David Hayes)
13:00   60      Building a Safe Trail Horse  (Shannon Allison)
14:00    30      Trailer Safety    (Hauling your friend safely)

Visit our Library of backcountry information at https://www.sbbch.org

(Workshops) HANDS ON AREA: 10:00 to 16:00
Useful Knots and Hitches
Securing your stock in the backcountry
Minimum Impact camping Techniques
Evaluating your horses hooves (Ms Smith & Ms Hart)

Stock Packing & Load Building    (Packing Team)
Pack Saddles (Types & Fitting)
Packing Boxes and Bags (Keeping Packing Simple)
Packing manties & advanced loads (Packing Techniques)

Lunch is being catered by the Members of the local 4H, as a fund raiser.

Donations will be happily accepted.

Featured Presenters:

Dr. David Hayes: Idaho State Veterinarian.  David’s special professional interests are equine reproduction, lameness, and dentistry. His personal interests are horse training, rodeo, and mountain experiences. Dr. Hayes has presented at a number of our skills clinic and we are looking forward to having him present again this year.

Larry Hayhurst:  Idaho State Brand Inspector has presented at a number of our skills clinics and his presentations always generate a lot of questions and interest.

Shannon Allison has been training horses for the past 20 years.  He has been working for the Simplot Livestock Company in Grand View Idaho for the last 10 years, getting “Real World” horses like yours ready for “Real World” situations.

This year’s clinic went very well, but it can always be better.  Please talk a few minutes and think about your experience at the clinic.  Please think about each presentation you attended.    Were they in the best order?  If you had been scheduling the day how would you have done it? Were they the right length [time].  Most were around 30 minutes, was that enough time?

What presentations would you like to see that were not done this year?
Was there enough information on packing and back country travel and camping?
Did you feel the hands on mentoring worked, or would more structured demonstrations and maybe classes have been better?

Handouts:  Have you had a chance to view the DVD?  Did you feel it has value?  Have you had a change to look at any of the material on the CD? Do you feel that this is a good way to provide material, or would you have preferred a notebook full of printed material?

Should we continue to have featured presenters like Dr. David Hayes?  Did his “One Step Horsemanship” fit into the rest of the clinic structure, or would it have been better in a different venue?

Packing Equipment (what we take)     (Bill & Marybeth)
Idaho Brand Inspector                          (Larry Hayhurst)
First Responders                                     (Sally & Tammy

One Step Horsemanship                        (Dr. David Hayes)

Lunch (quality & quantity)          (Lunch Team)
Saddles & Equipment                    (Mike Becker)

Trailer Safety                                 (Mike Quality Trailer)

Trail first Aid – Stock                     (Joanne, Bob & Erika)

BLM Wild Horse Program            (BLM)

Opportunities in Boise NF           (Emmett Rangers)

Dutch oven cooking                     (Ralph & Trudy)
Meal Planning – Trail head & Back Country (Marybeth)

Packing Demo’s and Mentoring  (Packing Team)