The 37th annual Idaho Horse Expo will be held April 7-9, 2023 at the Ford Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, Idaho. If you are a horse lover of any age, you can’t miss this event. The Expo features internationally known clinicians as well as local clinicians and trainers.

The featured clinicians are Ty Evans, UT and Evan Bonner, Sultan, WA. Ty Evans is conducting a 1 day clinic on Mulemanship prior to the Expo on April 6 in the Coverall Arena.

Idaho Horse Expo will also feature many local clinicians presenting in-hand training, ground training, Ranch Riding,  Jumping, Classical Dressage, etc.

Featured events on Friday, will be the Breed Showcase where 10 breeds of horses will exhibit a freestyle routine and a short explanation about their breed. Following the Breed Showcase will be Friday Fiesta Night, highlighting our Spanish Breeds and the Escaramuza Drill Team.

Back by popular demand will be the Miss Rodeo Idaho and Royalty Fashion Show Saturday afternoon. Meet Miss Rodeo Idaho and many other queens from rodeo courts who are from the region.

Saturday evening will be Saturday Night Horse Fever celebrating Idaho Horses and riders in musical routines and skits. See dancing horses and some of the finest horses in the state.  Following Horse Fever, will be Dueling Disciplines with a Dressage Rider and a Reiner.

Each day in the Main Arena, we will feature Collegiate teams of 3 who will demonstrate their skills in starting untrained colts. This is a challenge that will be judged with the top team receiving special recognition.

There will be over a 100 vendors, so you can shop to your heart’s content. For those who want to better their horsemanship, we have clinics by many knowledgeable local horsemen and women.

Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale is back!! Great place to sell or buy a horse where the seller and buyer do the bartering and you can try before you buy.

Stallion Alley will feature a variety of stallions standing in the area.

Kids Activities are always a hit and we will have Breyer Stable Mate Horse painting with a model horse show to follow each day. Stick Horse Activities and races. Easter egg hunt and scavenger hunts all three days. Bouncy horses and many more activities for youngsters and remember Kids 12 and under get in FREE all three days!!!

As for competitions, an ETS (Equestrian Trail Sports) competition will be held on Saturday and a Rodear competition held on Sunday.  For those who are wondering what this is, it is a timed and scored competition involving a cowboy, his horse, his dog and a cow or couple of cows to be driven through an obstacle course. Sunday will be a Special cowboy church service presented by Wade Black!! Hope to see you there!!!  For more information contact Idaho Horse Council at 208-465-5477 or

Idaho Horse Council website:

Idaho Horse Expo website:

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Each spring, Squaw Butte holds a public outreach yard sale at the Key Bank parking lot in Emmett, ID.  This sale is a way to fund many of the chapters purchased and training opportunities.  It is also very popular with the public, many who stop by each year to look for treasures and sometimes to bring items to donate.  Nothing has a price tag and all moneys are treated as donations that go into the chapters bank account.  Our Yard sale was held on May 19, 2018 which was a clear cool day wedged between days that had afternoon thunder storms.

During our leadership meeting in January we set budgets and estimate incoming money’s that will be available. This years sale was very successful and we expect our budget will stay in the black. Thank you to all the members who worked and to members and the general public for supporting this fund raising event.
The pictures were mostly taken while we were setting up and before the bus loads of shoppers arrived. Link to Video

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Saturday December 16, 2017 was a good day. Boise States football team came to play at their bowl game and made Oregon fans sit through a painful three hours. After the game, a number of members and guest enjoyed excellent company and great food. Thanks goes to Nancy Smith, Arlynn Hacker & Shannon Schantz for doing all the hard work getting the party organized.







Charles and Lou Ann are checking out the fancy shoes Charles received in the gift exchange.

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“Who says cowgirls, just ride with a horn! “

Meet Slick Conger

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party2016christmas-party-flyer      Directions

This is a POT LUCK Dinner to celebrate 2016 and start thinking about 2017

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Blog Post by Linda Paul

As the trip winds down, euphoria and melancholy gather like the Muses’ faces on stage. Euphoria is nourished by new friendships, great stories, rides, scenery, and food, not to mention a week spent offline and blissfully ignorant of the latest grim headlines. Melancholy stems from the reality that all joyful adventures must come to an end, and soon granite peaks will give way to shrieking red and blue loyalists.

The trip began inauspiciously. Nearly half of the original participants were missing thanks to a shit storm of bad luck, including a car wreck. My adventures began, as a guest of Janine Townsend, with a short (how short, I had no idea) scouting trip from our campsite to Stanley Lake. First to arrive and set up camp, we were eager to explore. This was my maiden voyage aboard Bubba the Mule. We rode alongside a road that was far too busy, then worked our way down to the lake, scouting future swimming sites. Transcending a ridiculously steep embankment, we offered the animals a drink, but they were more interested in grass than in water. On the way back up that embankment, Bubba the Mule and I encountered a parting of the ways. Despite my grand efforts to hang onto at least one rein, I ended up holding a hank of leather attached to nothing but air. Injured pride aside, I tied the remaining rein into a very short roping rein, remounted Bubba and we headed back to camp just in time to greet the newest arrivals.

Read More               Pictures

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Halloween Haunt 2014 Information

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The July play day has been moved to Sunday July 27, 2014

Play Days PDF

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4-H Halloween Trail Clinic

By Marybeth Conger, one of several Squaw Butte Back Country Horseman Volunteers

4H crew

The 4-H Halloween Trail Clinic at the Gem Country Race Track in Emmett Idaho on October 19th was a great success.

Lots of Learning and some serious fun was had by all on October 19th.  The Squaw Butte Chapter decided it was time to get serious and promote Backcountry Horseman to those that do not have a plethora of gray hair.  Gail Duke, the 4Horse leader Superintendent, embraced Linda Erickson’s outreach offer, and the Halloween Trail Clinic evolved with the SBBCH chapter providing coaches at various obstacles and registration assistance. We also set up a booth with Backcountry Horseman of Idaho information and even had complimentary Horse Soaps from the SBBCH chapter for participants. The Peppermint Soap was by far the favorite of the participants and the horses.

4 H Trail Clinic

Over 30 participants went thru the obstacles at the race track where there were experienced trail riders and coaches positioned thru out the course. Morning was for intermediate and advanced riders and afternoon for beginners. These obstacles were awesome and helped to build confidence in the rider and the horse. But there was fun too, and games included a Costume contest, Trick or Treating on horseback and even Horse bobbing for apples.  So Kudos should go to SBBCH members Phil and Kay Ryan, Charles and Lorraine Chick, Bill Holt, Janine Townsend, Rob Adams, and yours truly for volunteering that day and yes we made a difference.  The SBBCH Chapter is starting to receive hand written Thank you cards from 4 H members who participated.

4H Clinic Volunteers



Next we are volunteering to help Gail Duke, 4h Leader Superintendent with a 4-H Trail ride so some of the Arena/ Fair horses will get a chance to get outside in the Backcountry. Since we must lead by example and the 4-H rule in Gem country is helmets, we should have some great photos. Promoting Backcountry Horseman to 4 H is a logical way for our organization to grow.


See you on the trail.


MB Conger



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 ~ Mini-Pack Clinic ~

Several members of the SBBCH got together this weekend for a mini-pack session of sorts. Janine and I expressed an interest in learning more about proper packing techniques and engaged the assistance of Jake Lemon and Ellen Knapp, who agreed to take time out of their busy schedules to demonstrating their personal packing techniques.

Jake felt that if we were going to learn this thing the right way, it would be best to learn on our own animals with our own gear. With this philosophy in mind, I loaded Jack and Annie and drove to Jakes in Emmett. Annie has come a long way considering her past, but she is still a bit skittish. I brought Jack along in hopes the presence of “her horse” would help to calm her.    

I pulled into Jakes a little after noon to find the rest of the crew had arrived. I could not blame my bad sense of direction for tardiness this time. This time, I would blame Annie. She is not the easiest critter to catch when she does not want to be caught. Yeah, I’ve read the books on how to catch the hard to catch mule –Annie, however, has not.

For the complete story, click here.


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On Thursday night a number of Squaw Butte members and friends attended the first Arena Night ride.  The facility, while still a work in progress had been freshly groomed and some new lights had just been installed.  There is a lot of parking for trailers, and Ms Nielson team had a grill going and some cowboy music playing.  Hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixing were available and very tasty.

It was great to be in the saddle and Willow was full of winter energy.   After riding around a bit so he got use to the arena with it sights and sounds, we got out the brooms and ball and practiced swinging  the boom past our stocks head and seeing if we could even hit the ball.  It is a lot harder than you would think!  It didn’t take long before the stock got use to this activity, so we set up a couple of cone goals and split into teams.    That is when the laughter started and the fun began.  Both horse and rider worked up a good sweat! As we didn’t have enough old booms for all the riders, as player needed a break, new players entered the game.  We also determined that the old wood and straw brooms are more durable then the newer plastic head ones.  Duct Tape was utilized to put a couple of brooms back in service when the heads came off.

I think all who attended agree this first event was a great success, and are looking forward to attending next month.  We will be trying other horse games in the future, but I know I am looking forward to playing Cowboy Polo again.

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Hosted by Squaw Butte Backcountry Horsemen


The Circle G River Ranch


October 17th, 2009


Location:  Circle G River Ranch, Emmett, Idaho

For directions


First Event starts at 09:30 / ends 15:30


No cost to participate in events

Lunch $ donations accepted – 4H fund raiser


Lunch will be served at 12:30 and is being catered by the 4H

(Sloppy Joes, chips, cookies and soda / water)


This is a non competitive day of having fun with horses.  Results for times events will not be recorded, multiple runs will be available depending on time and number of participants.  ‘All skill levels’ of riders are encouraged to participate in any and all events.


Events are a mixture of traditional play day offering like pole bending and barrels, but also include musical chairs, 3 legged races, obstacle course and a number of other fun games on horseback.  If you have not attended a packer’s play day in the past you will find it a unique and fun experience for all ages of riders.


For more information email


Packers Play Day III
Hosted by Squaw Backcountry Horsemen
The Circle G River Ranch

Location: Circle G River Ranch, Emmett

First Event starts at 09:30 / ends 15:30
No cost to participate, Lunch $ donations accepted.

Lunch will be served at 12:30 “4H will be catering the Lunch as a fund raiser”
(Sloppy Joes, chips, cookies and soda / water)

This is a non completive day of having fun with horses. Results for times events will not be recorded, multiple runs will be available depending on time and number of participants. All skill levels of riders are encouraged to participate in any and all events

Event Order
1. Pole Bending (traditional)
2. 4 Leaf Clover {new}
3. Pole bending leading pack horse {new}
4. 12 Pole (Lace Up) {new}
5. 12 Pole (Ultra Lace Up) {new}
6.  Ring Run (like action shooting, sort of) {new}
7. Barrel Race (traditional)
8. Barrels & Balls {new}
9. Egg & Spoon Ride
10. Tire Drag {new}
11. Lunch Break
12. Walk & Trot Race
13. Walk, Trot & Lope Race
14. Musical Chairs
15. Packers maze & obstacle course

All Participants must sign a Circle G River Ranch release form.