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The weatherman indicated it would likely be a wet weekend, better than the holiday weekend last week, but rain was likely.  Friday was cloudy but dry so travel up to the trailhead was uneventful unless you got caught in the backup caused by a multi-car wreck between Horseshoe Bend and Banks.  If you were it could add an hour or so to your travel time.  By 18:45 everyone who signed up had arrived and set up their camps.  An improvised dinner was shared and Jenelle Weeks asked if we still had a set of dominoes in one of the chapter camp boxes.  A quick search turned up a double set.

One of the tables was set-up and members gathered to play or watch.  Play continued until  it  was  getting  to  hard  to  see  the  dots  on  the  dies.  Smiles and laughter were common and all enjoy the time together.  By 21:30 the camp settled down for the night.

At 06:30 the camp started to stir. As stock were being given breakfast those who’s humans were a bit slow where protesting that they had to wait. By 07:15 the tables were filling with items for breakfast and the smell of coffee and hot chocolate filled the air. As we were washing up, a few rain drops fell so people pulled on their rain gear as they saddled up.
A short distance up the trail was a large log suspended in the air above the trail, that just lit up Charles Chick and Rob Adams eyes. What a great training opportunity! Saw gear was unloaded and PPE was put on and the log was evaluated for binds and other hazards. A cut plan was developed and Rob and Tracy Zamzow did the saw work.

The rain steadily increased throughout the day and by 12:30, four miles up the trail the team found a place to stop, have a snack and head back to the trailers.  So this is what it is like to ride alone the pacific coast!  After reaching the trailers, the group consensus was that hot showers and  our own beds were what we wanted next so we packed up and made the trek back to highway 55 and home.  All the rigs were covered with mud by the end of the drive.  The rain was a factor on this project but didn’t in any way diminish the enjoyment of the weekend.

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