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The Wilson Corrals Trail passes through open conifer/aspen forests and travels an open ridge to an arm of Wilson Peak before descending to Squaw Creek. The Wilson Corrals Trail starts a 1/2 mile up FS Road 653Q. The trail passes through open forest and onto an open ridge.

The trail follows along the Third Fork of Squaw Creek at first and then turns onto Squaw Creek. The trail crosses this small creek five times, passes a dispersed campsite at 1.0 miles and then breaks into the open before crossing FS 653Q at 1.2 miles. Cross the road and then look for the evident trail.

The trail slowly gains elevation and reaches a small meadow at 2.7 miles. At 3.6 miles, the trail reaches a large open ridge. Part way up the ridge the trail becomes faint, but just look for blazes and rock cairns or follow the trail on the Hiking Project mobile app. The trail then heads down Wilson Peak, traversing a creek at 5.6 miles and comes to a small wet meadow at 6.0 miles. You’ll connect into the West Mountain Trail at mile 6.6.

At times, a lot of cows can be grazing in the area so beware of faint trails when in the open meadows. This trail is currently only cleared every three years by the FS, but the Idaho Youth Conservation Corps and the Back Country Horsemen are working to keep it cut out more often.


Area/Length : 5.3 Miles Latitude : 44.429579 Longitude : -116.211267

Sunday September 25, 2020 was much to nice a day to not be in the mountains. BNF Trail supervisor Savannah Steele had not been able to ride with Squaw Butte on our Boiling Springs project, so I texted her asking if she wanted to join me in the West Central Mountains for a day ride. Savannah arrived at my place in Sweet around 08:00 and we loaded up three horses and headed to Ola. Savannah had only visited this area of the Boise National forest once when we worked on the Poison Creek trail and was enjoying the drive up and learning more about the area. By 10:00 we were in the saddle and heading up the trail. The lower third of the trail had been worked on this year as their were fresh cut logs and fresh brushing. As we move further up the trail we encountered down trees and areas that needed brushing which we did.

By 14:00 we had reached the upper meadow and stopped for a quick lunch before heading back to the trailer.  Tucker the horse Savannah was riding wanted to share her lunch.  She rewarded him for the great ride with part of her apple.

Looking up towards Wilson Peak.

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