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Dihydrogen Monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and kills uncounted thousands every year. Cocoa knows this and has consistently refused to get anywhere near the stuff. Unfortunately her job description requires her to frequently cross bodies of the substance.

How to Teach a Horse to Cross WaterDihydrogen (H2) Monoxide (O) is of course water and water crossings are the bane of many trail riders. Cocoa and I are no exception as I discovered during one of her first packing experiences. A tiny stream that I could easily step across in one stride, and shallow enough that if I were to walk through would not touch the top of my shoes, was enough to derail the ride in short order. Thank you Cocoa, for the opportunity! Preparing a horse, or mule, to steadily and self-confidently cross water takes planning, patience, and practice. This is how Cocoa and I went from refusing puddles to confidently crossing rivers. READ MORE

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