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Located 30 miles north of Ola, Idaho off forest road 625, the west mountain North trail head provides access to two excellent trails.  TR-131 know both as the West Mountain trail and this end known as the Squaw Creek trail, follows Squaw creek up a canyon of big trees, water falls and rock formations.  This is a technical trail with a number of rocky sections so better left to experienced trail riders.  Poison Creek trail TR-134 is a ridge trail and while there are some steep sections it is not technical and has some amazing views.  The project that six members of the Squaw Butte Chapter was on the first few miles of TR-131, we knew it needed brushing and expected blow down, we found lots of both.

You know you are living in Idaho, when you have to pull over to allow a family and their friends to move stock down a country road.  As this was a day project for most of the group, we parked at the trail head which is up FR 625G and has parking for about 8 trailers with a little planning. Part of the area was wet as the forest service had fixed the water tire and it was overflowing. By ten we were on the trail with Rob towing an extra horse for the forest service guy who was a no-show. 

Tom and Rob handled the chain saws while the rest of the crew brushed. By 14:00 we were bushed and needed a break,. We stopped at a nice spot by the creek and had lunch, this became the turn-around point but we stopped a number of time on the way back to do more brushing. By 17:00 we were back at the trailers and loaded for the trip home.

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