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“Is this your idea of a joke, Dave? What the hell…you said to take a hard left…I took a hard left. You call this washed out, pot-hole infestation a road? This is a road for four wheelers Dave, not for trucks hauling 8,000 pounds of horse trailer and cab-over. I knew I should have Google mapped instead of relying on you. You have not been right one lousy day of our 5 year relationship. Five years Dave! Five years of wrong turns, dead-end shortcuts and illegal U turns. I can’t drive like this anymore, Dave. I’ve listened to your patronizing monotone voice for the last time. I have a notion to toss you out of the truck alongside this boulder lined rut hell you call a road. Don’t worry Dave, you’ll find your way. After all, West Mountain is just 25 miles due west as the crow flies. I hope you can fly Dave.

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