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By Marybeth Conger and King

After seeing Laurie’s email, I had a feeling King would be a great addition to the Conger herd plus help me to heal from the loss of our Fred horse.

So, while I was celebrating my Mom’s 90 birthday in New Hampshire, Bill brought King home. He immediately put his hoof down with our mules (good thing) as they quickly got and respected that he was now number 2 in our herd, after Bill’s Scout horse.

Bill packed King twice while I was gone. King only broke the pigging string once, and quickly learned the distance and the pressure of the pigging string. Actually, Bill was impressed with King and the job he did in our string as a pack animal. One time, Bill packed King with my saddle, breast collar etc. on, so King could get use to the sound, feel and smell of my stuff.

I have ridden King twice now. The first time, was just a short loop around our neighborhood and along the canal. On this maiden ride, I followed behind Bill and Scout, so I could get to know King a bit. The second time, we went in the lead which really helped him to focus on moving forward and build confidence. I learned that day, that King is willing and tries hard to do what is asked of him. After this ride, it was horse bath time with the hose and yep, there is more work to be done with horse bath time at the Conger’s.

Today Ron, our horse shoer was out. At one point King was all alone tied to our hitching with no problems. The plan is some ring work with King where I will focus on neck reining and leg aides, but I will always keep riding him in the hills. Several things I am impressed with, King knows whoa and is very sure footed. Plus, at my age, I find it so refreshing to get up on a shorter animal.

I am so happy to have King as an additional member of our four legged herd. More chronicles to follow, and even some from King. Stay tuned.

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