We had a great turn out for the Hitt Mountain Tool Cache project. Ten members and one guest worked on two trails. Eleven head of riding stock and eight head of pack stock were brought to support the project. The riders on the 268 trail reported it was an enjoyable ride, with great views, ending close to the Sturgill Peak Lookout.

The 270 trail was difficult at first to find due to numerous cow paths and healed over tree blazes, but was successfully found after some scouting around. There were quite a few down trees, and a lot of brushing done. Approximately 2.5 miles of the trail was cleaned.

As usual, we had delicious group meals and lots of good conversation. We have some fantastic camp cooks in our group.

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  1. Chris Holt

    We had a great time. Really nice to hang out with more folks from the club. As usual the food was great and there was too much of it.

    Bill’s horse Missy was too sore to be ridden on Sunday. We had the breast strap too tight and the saddle ended up too far forward. Poor girl. We are giving her a few days to recoup before we try her tack again. She was sore in front of her shoulder and through her chest, and also her back. I am afraid we are still going through a learning curve. I ended up riding Sunday and on the trip down I had to use Tucker as a “break” since Smokey thinks he should rush down the trails a lot faster than I want to go. I hope more miles settle him down a little since he gets mad and starts dancing and going sideways if I don’t keep him right behind someone. There wasn’t room for that foolishness coming down the trail Sunday so I was sure glad Ellen suggested putting him behind Tucker. I have to admit I kind of kept my eyes on Tuck as well so I wouldn’t think about the trail and how not wide it was.

    The ride was worth it for the views. You could see forever from the top of several of those hills even with the haze from fires.

    Tony is a real go getter when it comes to cleaning trails. He and Tami did a great job “hosting” and directing the work. I think we all got some good work in on the trails. On our trail the horses also got to practice patience, since we would stop for the saw, move forward a little and the saw would start up again. As it turned out Charles, Bill and Tony spent a lot of time walking and trimming so us girls got to keep the stock in line. That went ok too. That trail is one that could use a sign since you have to go through a gate and it really doesn’t look like a trail where it takes off from the road.

    I spent a good part of today trying to get rid of the dust that sifted into the truck and camper. I was surprised when we got home to find my sox dusty to my ankles inside my boots and my legs filthy through my levis. The shower felt especially good Sunday evening.