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One serious ride in Compression Socks and you’ll never look back. These socks provide light compression to the lower leg to prevent swelling.  Helps with aching, swollen Legs, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps and circulation issues.  Designed for motorcycle riders, but should work as well riding horses.

Moto-Skiveez Compression Riding Socks

The Moto-Skiveez Compression Riding Socks offer light compression along the length of the lower leg to combat lower limb edema (swelling) that is commonly associated with long distance motorcycle riding. You’ll feel fresher at the end of your riding day when you wear compression socks. Compression socks Video /  Review  Video

Incorporated into the construction is 40% aloe fiber. Aloe fiber has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that will help with odor. In addition, aloe fiber is soft and is designed to reduce chafing and blistering. Using sophisticated micro-encapsulation technology, tiny amounts of Aloe Vera are locked into airtight, waterproof micro-capsules. Bonded into the sock’s fabric, the Aloe is released instantly when the fabric is touched or rubs against the leg. Even after repeated wear and washing, the smoothing benefits remain.


  • SM: fits sizes 6-9 and is approximately 16″ high
  • LG: fits sizes 9-12 and is approximately 18″ high
  • XL: fits sizes 12-15 and is approximately 18″ high

Works as advertised!

I purchased these socks not only for motorcycle riding but also for prolonged air travel required by my company. I do worry about DVT (Edema) as I’ve had friends that came close to biting the bullet due to blood clots.

They work folks, what ever they are made off there is absolutely no bad odor after wearing them for almost 33 hours straight (Miami to New Zealand). In my case at 6′, they roll up to just below my knees. It takes a bit to put them but its not the end of the world.

One peace of advise is to keep them away from Velcro. I wear Sidi Adventure Goretex boots and the flap has what I call the male side of Velcro and it loves to tear up socks.

One wish is that they come in packs of threes or such with a bit of a break since they are great for more than just riding around on the GS’

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