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The “Lifetime” certificate may only be issued on horses, mules and asses. It has no restrictions, and may be used to travel nationwide (including Montana). It may also be used for slaughter, sale or trade.  Ownership and transportation certificates, also known as lifetime certificates for any horse, mule or ass shall be valid so long as the animal remains within the ownership of the person to whom the certificate was issued. The ownership and transportation or “lifetime” certificate is not transferable.   Call your district brand inspector. If you do not know who the local inspector is, call the State Brand Inspector’s Office in Meridian. In state toll free: 1-800-772-8442 or local number 884-7070.

Talked to Joel  Miesbach,  208-278-5462,  regarding the brand inspection.  He wanted me to emphasis that “if the horse is registered”, he will require that the papers have the transfer of ownership indicated on the papers in order to permit the lifetime inspection.

The Inspector needs payment by cash or check at the time of the transaction.
Credit cards are not acceptable.

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