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Ride Date:  September 27, 2008
Ride Time: 10:30

Directions to Trail Head:
(from: Linda Forrester)

After passing Dan’s Ferry Service on the river, proceed on thru Murphy on Highway 45 to the Silver City Road. (I can’t remember for sure just how far it is from Murphy to the Silver City Road, but I think it is 5-6 miles to the south of Murphy)  Turn right on the Silver City Road and go approximately 6 miles. (Your are still on the pavement on the main road.  This turnoff is on a big  turn of the road to the left.)  Turn to the right (North) onto a dirt road that takes you back to the corrals.  We always parked at the corrals and started our circle ride from there.  Linda W. knows the ride directions for the circle better than I do.  This was one of her riding spots!

(from: Linda W.)

You start at the corrals and you can go west on the road up the hill and just stay on it clear up to the top or you can take the trail to the south that will take you out and around the road and you still end up at the same gate! it’s way more fun!

Go left at the top of the big hill and bare left. The gates are all closed up there due to the cows in the area. Go down to the first cabin. Nettleton’s have restored the cabin and there is a note on the door telling of the history. Good lunch spot!

Then you proceed to the west through the gate and turn to the north across the little creek run off. Just keep going on that trail and follow it to the second cabins. Then on up the hill still heading north west.

*There will be a road on the right before the cabins that is the short cut.  It will take you back to the main road.  Or you can keep going  about another mile and see a road to the right that will take you up and then just stay on that road it will keep going north. You will go over the big hill and head back to the east. Through milk springs and back down to the road.

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