2012 has been a sad year for a number of our members with the loss of a beloved horse due to accident or illness.  On Saturday, while Bill and Marybeth were riding above their home, Rusty, Bill Appy, who he raised from a four month old colt, stepped in a hole and broke his neck. Rusty Bill was not injured.

Laurie Bryan lost her mare Phyre due to colic while she was at a trainer getting her basic education phyre. Phyre was a Thoroughbred mare Laurie adopted when a breeding farm sold off a number of their mare by the pound for slaughter.

Phil Ryan lost his beloved mustang Wild Bill this spring to colic.  Wild Bill had been a member of Phil and Kay’s family for over 20 years.

Wild Bill

Robbin  Schindele big paint Pancho was put down in July due to failing joints and old age.  Pancho was a regular at a number of projects over the years, and was a steadfastpancho and true friend.

October 2012 Ellen Knapp said good by to her trusted friend Warrior.  26 years old. He and I have been together for 22 years. Thousands of miles together. Trail partner, pack horse, and Civil War horse. #7 in the NW in 1999 for 50 mile endurance rides. Civil War demo horse extraordinaire.

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  1. Oh, so sad. I can’t imagine the grief the Bill & Marybeth went through. Any loss of a horse is horrible, but that one really took my breath away.