20. May 2020 · Comments Off on Succor Creek Recreation Area – Power Line Loop · Categories: Fun Rides

On May 17, 2020 a gray and rainy morning didn’t discourage eleven members of the Squaw Butte Chapter to meet in the Succor Creek recreation area at 10:00. Little pools of blue sky could be seen off to the west, but the weather was coming from the south west and that was gray. It didn’t matter, the group formed two teams, one would ride the complete loop in a clock-wise direction the other team of five including Linda Hughes were opting for a shorter ride and would ride the loop counter-clock-wise starting at the canyon end. We met up in the middle of the canyon in which Succor creek flows. During the whole ride the we only got wet from the water the horses kicked up at the seven creek crossing. Some crossing were boot deep and great practice for the horses before we start riding in the mountains in June/July. The picture below were taken by Rob Adams team, Linda Hughes team also took pictures which are available on the chapter website picture page. The complete loop according to my GPS tracker info was 7.9 miles.