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Treasure Valley Chapter – Facebook Page

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New Year Greetings to Squaw Butte BCHI Members,

The 2020 BOD Meeting and Convention information and registration form is on the BCHI website on the Activities’ page http://www.bchi.org/activities.htm. Please open it and read through it. There are substantial savings for registering early, rather than later, because we want members who have never attended to join us for the convention: $70 for person and only $120 per couple. Early registrations will be postmarked before March 1st. We are also offering substantial discounts for young attendees, whether members or not, at only $20 per ticket for the dinner/convention. And, we are selling dinner tickets for adults who wish to attend the social hour, dinner, and live auction, only, at $25.

All delegates must pay the full convention registration fee if they are voting delegates, and all BCHI members who attend the convention for the day, regardless if they vote, must pay the full–$70 single, $120 couple (early fees) or $85 per person (after Feb. 29)–registration fee.

We have placed the option of paying only $25 for dinner as a courtesy in the case someone’s travel partner or friend wants to attend dinner. A $25 dinner ticket holder will be allowed in the building at 5:00pm.
We have different fees to allow for flexibility, in the hope that more members will attend. We want all to take advantage of the savings without taking advantage of us and the costs of putting on the convention. (And, though not explained in the website info, part of the fees go to pay for Friday’s meetings.

We have placed a little information about motels and eateries on the site as well. Please note that to get a room at the Best Western Plus Peppertree across the parking lot from the Nampa Civic Center, the venue for the convention, you must click into the Best Western Motel Reservation URL, Best Western Motel Reservation URL ; scroll down to see Backcountry Horsemen discount prices. I believe that the Best Western would only reserve 20 rooms for this function, so log in early. For those who cannot use a computer, we are reserved under Backcountry Horsemen under Group ID #Z81XT6F7.

Please take the time to read through the information on the BCHI website, which may change, slightly, as we near the events. We have three great presentations on Saturday from Madison Seamons (stock care–very entertaining), Cheryl Bice (emergency care), and Alayne Blickel (managing your horse pasture/corral areas)…so get on board and get your registrations in early.

Alice Millington
Treasure Valley BCHI President
McCall, ID

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Every member of a volunteer trail crew who operates a chainsaw or crosscut on public land need to complete USFS sawyer training. This is the same training that USFS seasonal employees are required to complete and is designed to keep the crews safe. In years past this training was only available directly from the USFS, but due to the 2016 Saw Policy revision FSM 2358.05 it is now possible for organizations like Back Country Horsemen members with proper training and endorsements to train Trail Volunteers.
The 2016 National Saw Policy applies to all activities on National Forest System lands (NFS) that involve the use of saws, unless a separate interagency agreement covers that activity. The Forest Service Saw Program provides direction on qualifications, training, evaluation, and certification requirements for Forest Service employees, volunteers, Training Consultants, and cooperators using saws on NFS lands.

A Sawyer. An apprentice sawyer who may saw only in the least complex situations or, for training purposes, at the next higher level and in either case only under the immediate supervision of a B or C Sawyer qualified to supervise the work.

B Sawyer ̶ Bucking Only An intermediate Sawyer who may independently buck and limb any size material in moderately complex situations within the restrictions noted on the sawyer’s National Sawyer Certification Card and who may saw at the next higher level, but only under the immediate supervision of a sawyer qualified to supervise the work.

C Sawyer ̶ Bucking Only An advanced sawyer who may independently buck and limb any size material in highly complex situations based on the Regional Saw Program Manager’s or Saw Program Coordinator’s written recommendation, which must be supported by demonstrated advanced saw knowledge and skills and, in most cases, certification as a B Sawyer (FSM 2358.1, ex. 02); who may conduct classroom and field training within their skill level for A and B Sawyers; and who may conduct field proficiency evaluations within their skill level for A Sawyers and B Sawyers ̶ Bucking Only

Back Country Horsemen of Idaho has a number of members who have completed the required training, have the experience and required endorsements and have been conducting classes working in partnership with the USFS in region 1 and 4.

Certification need to be renewed every three years, so if your certification card has expired or doesn’t look like this, you need to attend a sawyer workshop in 2020. Contact one of the Sawyer instructors listed above to learn about a training opportunity near by.

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Equipment Spotlight: Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight PRO

Over the last 19 years I’ve led nearly 40 week-long service projects with Wilderness Volunteers in public lands all over the United States. I’ve used a number of different first aid kits to deal with scrapes, cuts, blisters, etc. over this time but hands down my current favorite is the Ultralight Watertight PRO from Adventure Medical Kits.
The exterior yellow rip-stop nylon zippered bag helps keep the contents dry even when working in rainy and wet conditions. The interior bags (3 Super stretch DryFlex™ bags and 1 smaller rip-stop nylon bag) make doubly sure the kit contents stay dry while still being lightweight (~⅓-½ oz), and durable. (Having opened up kits before for a bandage only to find the paper soaked I can’t say how much I appreciate medical kits that keep the insides dry even when your backpack gets wet.)

Keep It Clean: On The Importance of Cleaning Your Gear

One of the most important (and likely most forgotten) parts of being a responsible outdoor adventurer is cleaning your gear before and after each adventure.

While exploring our nation’s wild lands helps us gain appreciation for them it can also put them in added danger. Invasive weeds, insects, and diseases can be introduced to new areas via shoes, clothing, camping gear, boats, vehicles, firewood, etc.

INTERN BLOG SERIES: A Necessity Not My Own


“So you’re paying an organization to go do manual labor for a week? Shouldn’t they be paying you?” 

The words of my grandpa, who had been fairly confused about my summer internship with Wilderness Volunteers, echoed in my head. I sat on a rock beside the trail we were working on in the Sawtooth Wilderness; we were three miles from our destination of the wilderness boundary, and 5 miles from our camp at McGown Lakes. I looked out at the mountainside across from me, littered with dead trees — some strewn across the ground, some still upright — from a ten-year-old burn. My tool of choice for the day, a grubhoe, lay at my feet. 

It was the fourth day of our project, and I had already hiked nearly forty miles. In all honesty, I was exhausted. Consequently, I was frustrated with myself. This was supposed to be what I loved, what I cared about — work I considered to be of the utmost importance. Still, for a second, my grandpa’s words resonated with me. I felt the slightest sense of injustice, then shame for allowing the emotion to even enter my head.

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Link to Website
For Back Country Horsemen of Oregon Demonstrations BCHA Demonstrations

Randy Rasmussen, BCHA   Partnering for Generational Stewardship of Wilderness

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Cleaning a Saddle with Ground in Dirt

Leather Mystery Braid Cuff

Eye splice in double braid polyester rope

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2019 is coming to a close. Thank you for your membership and dedication to BCHA.
We understand this is a busy time of year. You can exponentially impact our efforts by fundraising on behalf of BCHA. Create a Facebook fundraiser, refer a friend, gift a membership; becoming a fundraiser ensures we can continue reaching oth
ers and enabling great work like this to continue.

Thank you for believing in our mission and supporting our efforts of keeping trails open for you.

Check out the BCH Work Party Video from Umatilla, WA

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Click on each section to read the complete story

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Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission 

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Click to View Newsletter Link to Website

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Air Reciprocal Programs

As of April 1st, 2018

Whether in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, western Montana, northern Nevada, or northern California, you may be covered if transported by a reciprocal partner, subject to the reciprocating program’s membership rules. Life Flight Network’s reciprocal partners include:


Air St. Luke’s – Back Country Horsemen of Idaho        FAQ AIR-253 082418      Life Flight Application Form

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Tomorrow, the House Natural Resources Committee will vote on a piece of critically important legislation for wildlife, the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, and we need your help in asking Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher to vote “yes”!

Idaho houses some of the most iconic wildlife in the nation including bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and anadromous salmon and steelhead. But those species, and hundreds more in Idaho, are at risk. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would provide $1.4 billion annually to state and tribal wildlife agencies across the nation. The money would aid local, on-the-ground work benefitting hunters and anglers and anyone who appreciates Idaho’s diverse and iconic wildlife species.

Please join us in asking Representative Fulcher to stand up for Idaho’s sportsmen and women through his support of this monumental legislation.

Follow THIS LINK to email Congressman Fulcher.

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Christmas Party details 2019

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