“Just how do you stuff an elephant into a Safeway bag?”

“Hey Laurie, how do you stuff an elephant into a Safeway bag?” Is this a rhetorical question, Lorraine? I really have no idea how, or why, anyone would want to stuff an elephant into a Safeway bag. I’ve learned a lot since joining the Squaw Butte Back Country Horseman – I’ve learned how to freeze-dry just about anything, how to be a better steward of our natural resources and the benefits of low impact camping. I’ve learned wilderness first aid for both human and horse and how to more safely handle a chainsaw. I have learned proper weight distribution is essential when packing stock and the value of mastering the diamond hitch. Most importantly, I’ve learned that all of this, and more, is an ongoing and ever-changing process. I have not, however, learned how to stuff an elephant into a bag of any kind.

October 7th was on the schedule as a fun ride with an undetermined destination. Rob and Linda would be back east attending their sons’ wedding. Since Rob usually handles this sort of thing, coordination for the fun ride was to fall on me in his absence. I chose Succor Creek State Natural Area.


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  1. This is such an interesting area, I hope to explore more of it in future rides. Sorry I missed this one!