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After extensive research I have decided not to commit to clearing the trails from Redfish lake to Spangle Lake for Idaho Business for the Outdoors the end of July first part of August.

I do not feel we have time or manpower to guarantee we could accomplish the work without checking the trails out before hand. FS said you can not access the area until after July 15th and there are often avalanches across the trail, plus no grazing is allowed for the entire length of the trails that they want cleared. There is no way to know if it would take two days to clear the 20 miles of trail or two weeks or more and I did not feel comfortable making a commitment that we could not fulfill.

Thanks to everyone that give me information and contacts as well as a few of you willing to help clear the trails.

Thanks, Rod Parks BCHI Chairman

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IDAHO 5 day course flyer 2019