Squaw Butte BCH 4th of July Pack Trip
During the three day weekend of July 4th Squaw Butte BCHI will be hosting a beginner level pack trip for members and their families. This is the perfect opportunity to experience a backcountry trip and to put into practice some of the skills you were introduced to at the Backcountry Skills Clinic in March. The trip is to the Corduroy Meadows area of the Frank Church Wilderness. This is an easy trailhead to drive to, and a very easy area to pack into. The plan is to pack into a base camp that is an easy 90 minute ride from the trail head. From this base camp there are a number of day rides to explore this beautiful country. Our trailhead is the North Fork of Elk Creek [34] and we will ride north on trail [005]. Our base camp is located in the “UR” area of “Corduroy” just south of Porter Creek and west of Elk Creek. This is an easy ride of just over three miles. Our chosen camping area has a good location for stock and a separate area for tents and the kitchen. There is good access to water and grass for the stock. If this area is taken, there are a number of other spots in the area that will work also.

Planned Schedule:

Friday: July 4th
Travel to trail head, pack-in and set up camp. We will be riding and packing in twice – once at 10 AM and again at 1 PM. Opportunities to day ride and start exploring area. Tasty Dutch oven dinner. Quality time around the camp fire to get to know each other better.

Saturday: July 5th
Hardy Breakfast, day ride to Bernard Lake. This will be the only opportunity to fish, as fishing is not allowed in either Porter or Elk Creeks. Bernard is a beautiful mountain lake and a great place to enjoy lunch. Delicious Dutch oven Dinner, more quality time around the camp fire.

Sunday: July 6th
Rib sticking breakfast, break camp, opportunity to take a morning ride, pack-out, return to our homes.

Who should come on this trip?
Anyone who is interested in learning minimum impact backcountry camping techniques and would love to safely explore a unique section of Idaho’s backcountry. If you have pack stock and would like to improve your skills, or like a little mentoring, this is the perfect trip. If you don’t have pack stock, that’s ok, our members with pack stock will make sure your duffel makes it from the trail head to the base camp and back to the trail head at the end of the trip. This is a hands-on trip with everyone expected to lend a hand. If you want a catered trip, contact an outfitter. It is highly recommended that members who plan on going on this trip take time to watch the “Horse Sense” DVD that was part of the package at the clinic. If you didn’t get a copy, and would like one,
contact Rob Adams.


You need to bring your own riding horse, and personal gear. A suggested list will be available on the website in .PDF format. If you do not have pack stock, your duffel, with personal items, and sleeping gear has a 30 pound limit. You will need to bring your own lunches. Bear safe storage will be available for your lunches, snacks, and toiletries when in camp. Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and dinner and Sunday breakfast are group and will be provided. A small fee to help cover the cost of the food will be collected with your trip registration. When you’re packing, think light weight, but also variable weather conditions. Nothing ruins a trip faster than being wet and cold.

To help us plan for this trip, to make sure we have enough stock, food and marshmallows everyone who is going must fill out a trip registration form and have it and your check – payable to SBBCH – for food mailed to Squaw Butte BCH, 2790 E. Black Canyon Hwy, Emmett, ID 83617 by June 22nd. Questions about this trip can be emailed to Projects@sbbchidaho.org

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  1. What a wonderful weekend we had. Ten members packed in with 12 pack animals so we had all the comforts of a three star resort. We ate well, had interesting talks around the camp fire, heard wolves and enjoyed an fun ride to a pristine mountain lake. It is hard to get better then this!