This year’s clinic went very well, but it can always be better.  Please talk a few minutes and think about your experience at the clinic.  Please think about each presentation you attended.    Were they in the best order?  If you had been scheduling the day how would you have done it? Were they the right length [time].  Most were around 30 minutes, was that enough time?

What presentations would you like to see that were not done this year?
Was there enough information on packing and back country travel and camping?
Did you feel the hands on mentoring worked, or would more structured demonstrations and maybe classes have been better?

Handouts:  Have you had a chance to view the DVD?  Did you feel it has value?  Have you had a change to look at any of the material on the CD? Do you feel that this is a good way to provide material, or would you have preferred a notebook full of printed material?

Should we continue to have featured presenters like Dr. David Hayes?  Did his “One Step Horsemanship” fit into the rest of the clinic structure, or would it have been better in a different venue?

Packing Equipment (what we take)     (Bill & Marybeth)
Idaho Brand Inspector                          (Larry Hayhurst)
First Responders                                     (Sally & Tammy

One Step Horsemanship                        (Dr. David Hayes)

Lunch (quality & quantity)          (Lunch Team)
Saddles & Equipment                    (Mike Becker)

Trailer Safety                                 (Mike Quality Trailer)

Trail first Aid – Stock                     (Joanne, Bob & Erika)

BLM Wild Horse Program            (BLM)

Opportunities in Boise NF           (Emmett Rangers)

Dutch oven cooking                     (Ralph & Trudy)
Meal Planning – Trail head & Back Country (Marybeth)

Packing Demo’s and Mentoring  (Packing Team)

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  1. Bob Gudmundsen

    I thought you all did a wonderful job. But as a Norwegian once told me there is no bad weather there is inadequate clothes. I didn’t wear enough but nice too know at 65 years old I am still learning. I haven’t looked at the CD’s yet but if I didn’t have bright kids I couldn’t have a cell phone or a computer. Thanks for all you do keep laughing bob

  2. Shell Forman

    The day was lovely, thanks to everyone who helped. I found it hard to hear sometimes because other people who were in the barn were not being polite to the speakers. Perhaps having ‘monitors’ that could help keep people quiet would be nice. It was so cold from sitting on the bleachers all day, it might have been nice to hold some of the discussions (like trailer safety and Forest Ranger) outside in the sun.
    Lunch was lovely and there was plenty. Thank you!

  3. Lou Ann Gaskell

    Just a quick response. I really liked Dr. Hayes’ presentation. It was excellent. I also liked the high lining and the packing demo. My only beef was that it was so DANG cold, that I didn’t enjoy it as much had it been warmer. Also, by the time we got food, some had run out. 🙁 And it looked good too! I would have liked to have studied the pack supplies and asked questions about saddles, etc., but my toes were frozen. Hands on is a good idea so you can see up close and remember the knots, etc. I haven’t looked at the packet of goodies yet. It’s still in Bill’s car!

  4. Jake Lemon

    Suggested Other classes:
    Back country communications by radio & sat phone.
    Night time animal management (maybe I can teach (J. Lemon)
    What & where to look for in buying a trail animal
    Hands on: good
    CD & DVD: good

    Dr. Hayes: good I am so pleased SBBCH endorces techniques such as Hayes teaches. They are just as important as good stewadsmanship of the land.

  5. Louis & Patti Miller

    Great clinic, thank you. We ended up leaving a little early as we had to catch up with some friends. We have already put some of the tips to work, we packed up one of the horses for a dry run this past weekend. All went well. Thanks again!