I was a little worried that nobody was going to show up to my second trail project in the Payette National Forest. Rob, Phil and Robbin, a few of the more experienced packers in our chapter, would be away on a ten day support crew project in the Frank Church. Without some of our more seasoned members to guide us, I wasn’t sure anyonewould be willing to follow a directionally challenged newbie with a knack for misadventure. I would not blame them either. Especially since all they might get to eat for three days is bottled water and Beanie Weenies.

Rob assured me that I would not be clearing trail alone, even if we had to twist a few arms in the process. Feeling more like a fish out of water than a project coordinator of any kind, I set about preparing for a weekend of trail work and meal preparation for an undetermined amount of crew.

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  1. Do you suppose any SBBCH trail ride goes smoothly? Well, heck,the misadventures make the stories.

    I am (gasp) a hiker. As such, I notice trails after having participated in a couple of SBBCH trail maintenance rides. And I always wonder who did such a lovely job of clearing the trail and what hijinx surrounded their project.

    I’m glad all of you survived.