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From: Idaho Horse Council [ idahohorsecouncil@yahoo.com ]
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2018 12:00 PM
Subject: Idaho Brand Inspection

Members we need your help!

Representative Judy Boyle will be introducing a Bill soon that will eliminate the need to get a Brand Inspection on equine in Idaho.

She did not make the industry aware of this bill, nor why she felt the need to try and eliminate Brand Inspections for Equine in Idaho.

Please contact Representative Boyle and your legislature representative. It’s important the Industry for the following reasons to continue to have Brand Inspections. Please post on face book pages and email your equine friends and please Call or email your representatives.

Representative Judy Boyle jboyle@house.idaho.gov
Home (208) 355-3225
Bus (208) 355-3225
FAX (208) 355-3225
H602 Statement of Purpose         H0602 brand inspections
Value of Brand Inspections
Brands are livestock’s return address. They are important because:
• They provide evidence of ownership
• They deter theft
• They enable brand inspectors and law enforcement personnel to return stolen or missing livestock to their owners
• They help resolve conflicts over ownership
Deters theft
• Helps determine ownership
• Enables brand inspectors and law enforcement personnel to return stolen or missing livestock to their owners
• Prevents unlawful sale or transport of livestock
• Facilitates commerce by providing a system of checks and balances that is well understood and valued in the marketplace
• Helps protect the livestock industry by putting trained personnel in the field to keep an eye on the industry

Several of our surrounding States require a Brand Inspection to bring a horse into their State.
In case of a disaster how would we find our livestock?

If Brand inspection for Equine is eliminated the Idaho Horse Board would no longer be able to grant funds on a yearly basis ..Since 1989 the Idaho Horse Board has granted $478,495.for Research, Education and Promotion for Equine Groups in Idaho .

If she eliminated brand inspections on Equine then would they need to reclassify the definition of livestock as the law now exists. Equine may no longer be classified as “Livestock.”

Thank You
Debbie Amsden
Executive Director
Idaho Horse Council
(208) 465-5477


BCHI Chapters: Idaho Brand Inspection

Directors and Presidents, please encourage your members to contact their State Legislators regarding this purposed bill which I have attached along with Boyle’s Statement of Purpose for the Bill. Boyle states that passage of this bill would save the Brand Department $528,000 which I understand from a member of the Brand Board is not correct. I was told the savings would be about $300,000.

The important point to the $300,000 is that what we currently pay for our equine brand inspections does not cover the full cost of conducting these inspections. Therefore other brand inspection fees, such as cattle, are used to subsidize ours which means someday we should expect to pay our true costs.

Bill Conger
BCHI Chairman


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