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Fun Ride (Public Event) Sunday February 26, 2017

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17 members and guest started arriving at the Celebration Park trailer overflow area just before 10:00 on a cold and gray Sunday morning. The wind was light and everyone was eager to spend some quality time on the back of a horse. Stock were saddled and gloves, hats and coats were adjusted for warmth and the first group of six riders lead by Laurie Bryan was off down the trail.
The second group of 11 riders were underway a few minutes later and it became apparent quickly that all the horses and one Burro had lots of energy. They pranced and danced around and we all worked to keep the pace along the river road at something less than a cavalry charge. Once out on one of the many trails in the park we all settled down and the group broke up again into smaller groups following different but parallel trails east to the old corrals.
(does that rock have ears and a tail?)
Once we got to the corrals the group all agreed it was too cold to stop for a break and we continued to the river trail and back to the trailers. When comparing GPS’s group #1 rode a bit over 13 miles and Group #2 a bit over 10. Finger food was shared and questions about BCHI and our chapter were answered.
We hope our guest had a good time and that they will check out our website and attend a another event.

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