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Went back up to Telephone Hill yesterday with my daughter, Shannon and son-in-law, Ted and his father Big Ted along with the Quads and 1 Kubota and went Huckleberry picking, the plants were full and the berries where much larger and still coming on, in no time we had picked a few containers and headed on up the hill to see the top.  One rough spot with a big rock in the trail we girls could not navigate, however Ted, SIL, got all of us over except the Kubota.  The top was beautiful and then we headed back leaving many more Huckleberries behind, So sad.

At the Yellow Jacket trailhead we meet some Boise riders with Tennessee Walkers Riding Club, they had come in from the other direction.  All were tired and chatted a while, said they had ridden with BBCH or TVBCH group before, they enjoyed the trail.

We had a great time and it was very awesome to be able to share where I go on weekends with my family, who don’t ride horses.  Without SBBCH to show me these sites I would not be able to share them.  Riding a quad on that trail for me was a bit of a challenge, found new places to be sore, A couple times I yellowed for my trusty steed Lily, not to mention when steering a Quad you have to pay attention.

Linda Hays, Dream Weaver Mules

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