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Wilson Corral Trail Report – Oct 2014
USFS TR 135 trail discription

Nancy & Shannon’s Adventure

Our adventure started early Saturday morning, we left Shannon’s house by 7:30 am, and thought how great we are actually leaving on time. We were so proud of ourselves. Then we get to the cutoff for Sagehen and had to decide which fork to take. That should have been the first clue that things were not gonna turn out good. From the directions posted it said take the 2nd fork. So we did, and boy howdy we had no idea what we were in for. Not only was the road skinny for a horse trailer and no pullouts,but from the rain the night before the black mud was like grease in spots. Once we almost lost traction on a very curvy hill. So needless to say we have calluses from holding the steering wheel and finger prints in the dash .. When we finally reached the expected meet up place we found lots of hunters and no place to turn around, and no Rob either.. We asked the hunters if they had seen Robs rig and they assured us they had not. So we thought well we may as well get the heck out of there, besides how many more gray hairs could Shannon sprout.. ?? The hunters moved vehicles so we could get turned around and we went back 3rd fork which was like a freeway compared to 2nd fork. We came straight back to the Eagle foot hills and rode there just to unwind a little and say we had rode this day.. So make sure you don’t take 2nd fork with a trailer and especially if it has rained.  (The route they took was the middle option, the directions suggest 3rd fork, the blue option)

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