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Personal Protective Equipment (Required to work in the National Forests)
(Health and Safety Code Handbook chapter 70, section 72)

Items that must be included in the JHA:

(Chain Saw Operations)                              (Crosscut Saw Operations)
• Forest Service-approved hardhat               • Forest Service-approved hardhat
• Eye protection                                             • Eye protection
• Appropriate gloves                                      • Appropriate gloves
• Heavy-duty, cut-resistant Boots                   • Heavy-duty, cut-resistant Boots
• Hearing protection                                       • (Not required)
• Long-sleeved shirt                                       • (Optional)
• Chain saw chaps                                          • (Optional)

Job Hazard Analysis (pdf)

Chain Saw & Crosscut Training Student’s Guidebook (PDF)

Chain Saw use and Maintenance (PDF)

Chain Saw Tasks and Techniques (PDF)

Cross Cut

Crosscut Saw Tasks and Techniques (PDF)



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