This project will be a nice ride to the work site and back with the project work itself boots on the ground. We in concert with the Emmett ranger district and some other volunteer’s are going to re-route a section of this trail from off a very steep ridge into a series of switch backs. The problem with the current trail is erosion and currently installed water bars just made the problem worse. Plan on a few hours with shovel and pick. We will have pack horses to carry the tools, but you should bring your favorite shovel. We will be setting up high lines at the work site for the stock while we work. Directions to Peace Creek Trailhead

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  1. The Emmett Ranger District has reserved the Peace Creek camp site for BCHI use for Friday and Saturday night, June 6th & 7th. This facility had a forest service bathroom, but no human drinking water. Saturday & Sunday breakfasts, will be prepared by the chapter, generally pancakes or scrambled eggs. We often have melon, juice, coffee or other hot drinks. Saturday dinner, is POT Luck, with the ranger district provided steaks for the group to grill. Bring something to share for one of the meals. We need a head count for food planning. Lunches are provided by the members. Also remember to carry LOTS of water on your saddle for Saturday trail work. There are good locations for high lines and or portable corrals for your stock. Reminder, dogs are not allowed on the trail during rides or work parties. So if you bring your dog, plan on it spending the day in your trailer. Also have a way of securing it in camp if necessary.

  2. Peace Creek / National trails day was a huge success. On Friday, Phil Ryan and Terry McDonald packed explosives up to five site where rock out cropping made the trail dangerous. The Emmett Rangers had drilled holes in the rock for the charges. The rocks were broken up and on Saturday Squaw Butte members returned to each area and rebuilt the trail bed to be much safer to travel over. Members of a local mountain bike club coordinated by Jody White, Francis White’s son, also were working on the trail adding water bars and doing other improvements. The trail is now ready for heavy summer use. After taking care of our stock dinner was prepared including rib eye steaks provided by the rangers, and a number of great pot luck side dishes. 13 members and family of the mountain bike group joined us and we had a great after work party. After dinner, Phil was providing horse rides on “Wild Bill” for the bike club kids. The kids loved it, and the adults had a lively conversation about issues that both groups care about.