This project is to open four trails in the Johnson Creek and Riordan Lake areas. Assuming we have enough members to have four crews, each with a chain saws and other required equipment. All trails were impacted by last years fires, and may have their access limited by late snow and or mud. Wapiti Meadows Ranch will be providing tent camping / camper space, and areas to set up high lines or portable corrals and access to stock water. The chapter will be providing weed free hay for the weekend. Wapiti Meadows Ranch will be providing Saturday and Sunday breakfast and Saturdays dinner. Friday dinner is a chapter provided BBQ, members will provide their own lunches. To attend a “Wapiti Meadows Trip Registration Form” must be filled out and sent in no later then June 5th, 2008 This is going to be a great trip, don’t miss it! Directions to Wapati Meadows South Fork / Johnson Creek Area Map / Wapiti Meadows trip Registration / Directions to Wapati Meadows via Landmark

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  1. If you have questions about the Wapiti Meadows trip, logistic, food, cabins etc, contact Mary Beth Conger, Kay Ryan or Rob Adams.

  2. I have uploaded trail maps for the Wapiti meadows project. See Idaho Trails folder on this website. The trails are #74, #90, #93 & #97
    Also the PDF file Suggested Work Party Trail team can be downloaded from

    Marybeth has done a great job of contacting all the members who submitted forms and coordinated food and sleeping arrangements. This is going to be a great trip. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

  3. Linda Hays

    I had a great time, the rides were awsome. What an experience, This is such a great way to see the back country of Idaho, the beauty and the devastation, and it’s a wonderful feeling thinking our contribution makes a difference. Lily just went through every thing I wanted her to and made my weekend a great confidence builder. I was glad to be able to help Gina on her first outing, I think she will hopefully become a more active member and advocate for the BCH.

    All the pictures came out well, I had a lot more blurs than I would have liked, lost some good shots.

    Talk soon, Linda

  4. Gina Waddell

    For my first outing as a new member of the Squaw Butte Back Country Horsemen, I had the great good fortune of being able to join them for their trail work trip to the Wapiti Meadows Ranch. I had contacted them beforehand to see about carpooling for the trip, and three different people helped me get connected with Linda Hayes, who cheerfully made space for my horse and myself in her rig. I was warmly welcomed by everyone that I met when we arrived at Wapiti Meadows, and was immediately included in their conversations as though they had known me for some time. These folks really do see each new face as a potentially new friend.

    I was a bit apprehensive about the first ride, wondering if the meager trail skills of this life-long flatlander would see me through the day. I was put on the team led by Phil Ryan, who led us up a fairly easy trail; but one that needed clearing, nonetheless. Phil helped me out when my Tennessee Walker balked at the first water, and proved himself to be a knowledgeable, generous and SAFE both as a horseman and as a team leader. We moved slow and steady, giving my horse and me plenty of time to settle into our spot in the middle of the team. There was never any pressure to be lead or tail, and at each water crossing, the team stopped to make sure the very last person had crossed before we moved on. When the day was over and we returned to camp, I was tired, but happy and optimistic that I would be able to transition, in time, from a total flatlander into a full-fledged mountain trail rider and member of the Back Country Horsemen.

  5. What a great weekend. The weather was perfect! Wapiti Meadows ranch made us feel at home and what a fantastic facility. Following the tradition of Squaw Butte, the meals were fantastic, the riding interesting and varied and the conversation around the picnic tables interesting and lively.

    Pictures of the weekend can be seen at:

    At the end of the weekend, many miles of trail had been cleared, trees bucked, pictures taken and meals eaten. The wind storm on Saturday night added an interesting element as it caused some trees to fall over the roads into and out of the valley. Members on their way back to their home ranches made quick work of them.