Packers Play Day III
Hosted by Squaw Backcountry Horsemen
The Circle G River Ranch

Location: Circle G River Ranch, Emmett

First Event starts at 09:30 / ends 15:30
No cost to participate, Lunch $ donations accepted.

Lunch will be served at 12:30 “4H will be catering the Lunch as a fund raiser”
(Sloppy Joes, chips, cookies and soda / water)

This is a non completive day of having fun with horses. Results for times events will not be recorded, multiple runs will be available depending on time and number of participants. All skill levels of riders are encouraged to participate in any and all events

Event Order
1. Pole Bending (traditional)
2. 4 Leaf Clover {new}
3. Pole bending leading pack horse {new}
4. 12 Pole (Lace Up) {new}
5. 12 Pole (Ultra Lace Up) {new}
6.  Ring Run (like action shooting, sort of) {new}
7. Barrel Race (traditional)
8. Barrels & Balls {new}
9. Egg & Spoon Ride
10. Tire Drag {new}
11. Lunch Break
12. Walk & Trot Race
13. Walk, Trot & Lope Race
14. Musical Chairs
15. Packers maze & obstacle course

All Participants must sign a Circle G River Ranch release form.

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1 Comment

  1. The unofficial count looks like around 45 horses and 80 people attended the fun day. The weather was a perfect 70’s fall day with almost no wind. We had a great mixture of riders, from beginners to highly experienced, the very young to grandparents. The new events / games we tried all worked out well and were enjoyed by those who tried them. Members of Squaw Butte did a super job of running each event / game in a fun, efficient and safe manner. The 4H did a great job of providing drinks and snacks at the arena and a hearty lunch. Their fund raiser was very successful and they said they would love to provide the same services at next years play day. Squaw Butte BCHI and the Circle G River Ranch want to thank all who attended, and hope that they choose to attend future events and tell their friends about them.