09. January 2020 · Comments Off on 25 year old Cottonwood tree – Removal · Categories: Around The Campfire

Over the summer a 25 year old cotton wood that I planted when we first bought our place in Sweet was looking very poorly, more dead than alive branches. In the fall after the leaves were gone, I gave it a very close look and made arrangements for an arborist to take a look and give me an estimate to remove it that was the right course of action.  Sean McInerney of Boise Tree Service came out in November and agreed that the tree needed to come down before a good wind brought it down.  We sent an appointment for after the holidays and on January 6, 2020 his crew arrived to perform the work.

The tree was ringed by other smaller trees that I wanted to keep and would need to come down in pieces in a controlled fashion. I was interest to see if they would bring a cherry picker or climb.  When they were through, the only thing left was some saw dust, the stump was gone, the branches ground up, the larger pieces load in a trailer. I was very impressed with their sawyer skills and professionalism.