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Bob McFadden has a spring special going for BCHI members.  A complete cleaning, repair and conditioning of your saddle.  My 17 year old McCall Packer was in serious need of some TLC.  Bob did a great job and I am ready for the next 10 year on the trail.


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Backcountry Feed Handout

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John Hogge, U-of-I Extension Area Educator – Presenter at the Convention


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About 15 miles north of Emmett is 25,806 acres of rolling hills, prominent buttes and ridgelines that make up the Bureau of Land Management’s Four-Mile Wild Horse Management Area (HMA). Elevations vary from 2,500 to about 5,400 feet.

The Four-Mile population census taken in February 2018 was 128 horses according to Boise District BLM Wild Horse and Burro Specialist Raul Trevino.

History of Gem’s wild horses

The Four-Mile horses originated from domestic stock owned by those living in the Big Willow Creek and Four-Mile Creek areas. Pinto horses were raised by Jack Macomb in the 1930s in the Four Mile Canyon. Others raised horses in the area including Nelson McCullough on Willow Creek, Tom Wilburn on South Crane Creek and Walter Knox on the Indian Jake Ranch. These horses were not considered wild according to the BLM until people came and tried to catch them or chase them. Being difficult to corral, they were considered wild. Sixty-five privately owned horses were rounded up and removed in 1965.

At the passage of the Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act in 1971, two HMAs were identified and BLM was given authority to manage wild horses and burros on public lands. There were 75 horses in the 4-Mile HMA and West Crane HMA. Decisions removed the horses permanently from West Crane and reduced the Four-Mile to the appropriate management level of 20 head for rangeland health.

An aerial survey in 1972 counted a total of 13 adult and two foals. Of those, one was a mule, one wore a halter and another horse wore hobbles.

During a 1986 wildfire in the Four-Mile HMA, 14,000 acres burned. The horses were removed January 1987 due to a lack of forage on their home range and to allow vegetation recovery. The area was aerially seeded with grasses and forbs. Then in the fall of 1991, nine horses from the Owyhee Resource Area were introduced back into the Four-Mile HMA. Three years later there were 12 head on 18,018 acres.

Currently there are 128 horses in the HMA. The Low Allowable Management level is 37 head for the area, so the BLM is in the process of gathering and removing horses to meet the allowable number. BLM manages a total of six wild horse herd management areas in Idaho on approximately 418,000 acres of private, public and state lands.

As of March 1, 2018, the wild horse and burro population on public lands was estimated at 82,000 animals, which is more than triple the number of animals the land can support in conjunction with other legally mandated land uses. Four-Mile HMA is also overpopulated.

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March 17, 2019 turned out to be a great day to ride in the Owyhee Front, high 40’s temperatures, light breezes and a group of members and guest that were really glad to be out on their horses.  BLM’s Wilson Creek Trail head is the perfect location for a day like this. Lots of great trail, good parking and pretty easy to get to.
Our group broke up in to three separate teams. One team went hiking, the second team wanted to make the 10 miles Hard Trigger Canyon Loop, and the third team wanted to ride up the Wilson Creek trail making a shorter loop.

After everyone returned from their respective rides and hikes we shared various treats and talked about the adventures we had!

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Dear BCHI Members,

I have been asked by the Eagle Rock chapter to encourage you to attend the Saturday, March 23rd Convention.

I have been attending conventions since 2007, and I can tell you they are FUN, EDUCATIONAL and the food is always GREAT. But watch those auctions, with all the great donations you could home with less $green$ (all I can say is thank God for plastic!). And speaking of donations, chapters are asked to bring a high ticket item for the live auction and individuals, if they like, can bring new or used items (like the silver bit I got lats year) for the silent auction. And don’t forget the Photo Contest!!! The 2018 calendar full page photos for August and September were past winners.

Here is the agenda for the day. The morning is filled with business which includes four proposals to vote on. Each chapter gets 8 voting delegates (members in good standing-meaning they’ve paid their dues). The more delegates your chapter has, the more sway you’ll have in the voting. Sometimes it comes down to just that one vote.

Also attached is the registration form. The due date says the 4th, but call Winnie or Aline and they will be more than happy to take your RSVP.

The convention will be held at Shilo Inn and Convention Center
780 Lindsay Blvd. Idaho Falls, Id. 83402, (208) 523-0088 shiloinns.com
Special Discounted Room Rate: $83 nightly (reserve under BCHI name) some times you can’t get the special discount if you use an 800 number.

2019 Registration Form                     3-23-19 Convention Agenda

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For the 10th year the south western Idaho chapters of Back Country Horsemen of Idaho, Boise, Squaw Butte and Treasure Valley have manned a BCHI information booth at the Idaho Sportsman show at the Expo Idaho grounds. As in years past our booth was next to Public Land Agencies, the US Forest Service and BLM. Our display generated a lot of interest, with lots of questions about the various pictures and the trail safety posters. We handed out lots of information about BCHI, and the ITA (Idaho Trails Association) who partners with our chapters on wilderness projects. Thank you to the members of the Boise and Treasure Valley chapters who stood booth shifts, and to the Squaw Butte Members, David Benson, Charles & Lorraine Chick, Shannon Schantz, Nancy Smith, Arlynn Hacker, Phil Ryan, Carmen Tyack, Bill Holt, Rob Adams and Bill & Marybeth Conger.

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ttacks to Idaho’s public lands in the Idaho legislature have been on the rise. This year, IWF has worked hard to shed light on legislation moving through the State House that negatively impact Idaho’s public lands and your public land rights. HJM5, HJM8 and HB162 all have negative consequences for Idaho’s lands and wildlife and all four passed through the House, now bound for the Senate. You can find out more about each bill on our website.

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