BCHI March 2019 Education Report


BCHI March 2019 ND Report

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IDAHO HORSE COUNCIL report Respectfully submitted by Marybeth Conger- IHC Director for BCHI – one of seven

After IHC President Dixie Christensen called meeting to order, roll call was taken and motions carried to approve the November 17,2018 minutes as amended and the special director meeting of December 27, 2018.

The following guests and IHC membership representatives were introduced and welcomed: Randi McCallan- AQHA, Ann Martin- 2019 IHC Organizational member SCGH, Rhonda Gundert (Kimberly Kvamme’s friend), DeEtte Lindberg- IHB Executive Director, Dan Tackett, and Sabina Amidon- 2019 IHC Individual Member.

1. Treasurer’s Report & Financial Summary presented.

Unfinished Business:

2. Hiring of Executive Director- A committee was formed. Director input on what an Executive Director should do for the IHC. Please respond to committee email requests. IHC has temporarily hired a temporary secretary.

3. Please welcome and congratulate Cheryl Keshian as the IHC 2019 2nd Vice President.

4. Janine Townsend discussed Horse Statue. Cost could be $2,500- $3,500. Sabrina Amidon has one for the IHC to borrow temporarily. Janine will handle getting this horse to the 2019 Expo.

5. DeEtte Lindberg, Idaho Horse Board Executive Director, gave update. Senator Patti Anne Lodge working to present draft bill to increase equine fees.

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IHC January 26 2019 report for BCHI 2019-02-07 Meeting Minutes

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Marybeth Conger
BCHI Education chair

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