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On April 28, 2018 the “Git R Done” team of Janine Townsend, Janelle Weeks, Shelly Duff and Kelly Ragland, lead by Lisa Griffith planned and executed one of the best clinics that Squaw Butte has ever hosted. They arranged for guest Speakers farrier Joe Prince and Vet Daniel Dombroski to do presentation.  They arranged for a Hot Dog truck to be on site for Lunch and they spent hours working on presentations for a woman centrist packing clinic.  They divided the clinic up into four segments.  
 The first was Joe Prince’s presentation on what to do if you loose a shoe in the back country.  Participants asked lots of good questions and Lisa horse did a great job modeling her hoofs.The second segments was lead by Janine Townsend and was a quick but fact filled discussion of packing and tips and techniques. During Janine’s talk the rest of the team demonstrated items she was covering.

After their presentation, a lunch break allow participants to digest what they had learned and some of the best hot dogs I have had out side of a ball park.  After lunch three demonstration stations were set up and Marybeth Conger and Rob Adams assisted the rest of the team doing hands on demonstrations and answering lots of great questions.

Marybeth demonstrates how to manty up a body, a skill luckily,  I have never had to practice. Her presentation had every one at her station in stitches.

The final segment of the day was an “On the Trail” question and answer session with Dr. Dan and equine radiologist Dana Neelis.  The Vets covered what they think should be in our saddle bags to do on the trail first aid for our stock, what to look for and how to start treatment before we can get them to a vet.

If you attended this clinic you spend a fun and information packed day and left a bit over whelmed but raring to go try some of the things you saw demonstrated or got a chance to try yourself. If you missed this one, hopefully this team of woman will hold another one in the future!  More Pictures

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On Saturday April 21, 2018 members of Squaw Butte spent a full day with members of the Bogus Basin Ski Patrol lead by chief instructor Karen Alfonso-King in a full day of Wilderness first aid and CPR.  While these pictures show us sitting down a watching, most of the day was spend laughing and doing.  It is just hard to be applying a splint or doing an assessment at the same time. All who attended the class left with their first aid knowledge expanded and refreshed and more confidence that should the need arise that they would be able to use their first aid skills to render assistance in the back country or in their back yard.

SAM Splints are one of the simplest and most versatile pieces of first aid equipment available so at least one should be in every outdoor First Aid kit.  A soft, malleable aluminium strip sandwiched in foam, the splints become fairly rigid once formed into a 3D shape, the more complex the shape, the more rigid they become.
Using SAM Splits     SAM Split Video #1  SAM Splint Video #2    Using SAM splints to Maximun Effect
  Detailed description of “STOP the BLEED” Steps
Wilderness First Aid P1 P2 P3 P4  P5 P6  Simulated Accident  Kit 
Evac Helicopter
 Medical Emergency Kit  P1  P2
Wilderness First Aid (WFA)  National Outdoor Leadership – NOLS

Suggested books to add to your Wilderness First Aid Library

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Detailed description of Stop the Bleed steps