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I welcome all our new SBBCH members and say welcome back to all of our returning SBBCH members. We have a full schedule of events, activities and work weekends lined up for 2009.

We need all of our members to participate so we can achieve all of our commitments. While we do have fun rides, the core purpose of our organization is service. We work to maintain access to trails and trail heads. But we are a volunteer organization; we don’t kill ourselves in pursuit of this work. And we have lots of fun and fabulous food while performing the work.

Food is a core value of our chapter and figures prominently in our work weekends. We make work a social event. Work weekends are a great way to get to know the various SBBCH folks. Our monthly meetings are filled with lots of information, but are not a great way to get to know SBBCH and its members.

So just what are the work weekends like and what are they NOT like?

Work weekends are NOT marathon work events. We hit the saddle Saturday after a very filling communal breakfast. We stop for lunch. We try to be back in camp about 4:30 in the afternoon. Sunday is usually a fun ride in the same general area.

Everyone is NOT required to have pack stock. We usually have a few tools, a couple of chainsaws, and fuel to pack along and only need a few animals to tote it. Everyone does NOT need to run the chainsaws. There is plenty to do lopping out the overgrowth, removing cut logs, and holding horses. If you have a bad back, bad hips, bad knees, or bad whatever, stay in the saddle. But do come and ride with us.

The trails are NOT for ONLY experienced horses and riders. Most trails are suitable for novice horses and riders and riding the trails with the SBBCH folks will increase you and you mount’s experience and confidence.

SBBCH folks observe trail etiquette guidelines. We ensure every one is in the saddle before moving off, we wait to make sure everyone has crossed the bridge or water, we keep tabs on the slower riders and wait for them to catch up.

SBBCH DOES try to make it easy for our members to attend the work weekends. SBBCH provides the certified hay. Trail head directions are available on our web site. Trailer sharing and trailer caravanning is available. SBBCH members are willing to help others learn to camp with their horses and often have excess equipment, like a highline, to lend. SBBCH sets up a communal kitchen, Saturday and Sunday breakfast is communal and Saturday dinner is pot luck.

I look forward to seeing familiar faces and new faces this year at our rides, events and work weekends. I look forward to getting to know each of you better.

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Saturday/Sunday  June 6-7 2009

Project Leader- Rob Adams, projects@sbbchidaho.org or 208.584.3780   Directions:   Http://sbbchidaho.org\pdf\Yellow_Jacket_TH.pdf

Camping at the Hunters camp at the junction of Rice Creek Road and Stolley Road //  It will be marked and reserved.  Lots of parking for trailers, water for horses near.  Some old corrals, may not be in useable condition.

Three Projects:

1:    Rebuild foot bridge to Vulcan Hot Spring
Tools needed:  Hammers, power drills and bits, socket wrench set, wrecking bar / crowbar, shovels, polaski,  (Dan Fisher – Ranger will be crew chief on this project)

2.    Remove old dam from the hot springs,
Plan on getting wet:  Wrecking Bars to remove dam, springs has silted up due to fire.

3.    Trail rehab crew //  Standard trail project.  Yellow Jacket trail or Telephone Ridge trail possible.

Most members will travel friday night and camp at the trailhead.  Breakfast Saturday morning, work parties start at 09:00.  Provide your own lunch.  Potluck  Dinner Saturday.  Breakfast Sunday.   Plan on a halfday fun ride Sunday.

We had a great turn out for the Hitt Mountain Tool Cache project. Ten members and one guest worked on two trails. Eleven head of riding stock and eight head of pack stock were brought to support the project. The riders on the 268 trail reported it was an enjoyable ride, with great views, ending close to the Sturgill Peak Lookout.

The 270 trail was difficult at first to find due to numerous cow paths and healed over tree blazes, but was successfully found after some scouting around. There were quite a few down trees, and a lot of brushing done. Approximately 2.5 miles of the trail was cleaned.

As usual, we had delicious group meals and lots of good conversation. We have some fantastic camp cooks in our group.

If your interested in a nice ride up West mountain with interesting trails and nice views I can recommend that you make a loop ride out of the Wilson Corral trail [TR135] and the Gabes Peak trail [TR136]. Truck / Trailer parking can be either at the Wilson Corral trail head or Rammage Meadows camp ground where the Gabes Peak trail head is located. I recommend you ride up [TR135] and down [TR136] but either way works nicely.   The Gabes Peak trail has some climbs that make it slow going up.

Wilson Corral trail follows a creek in tall timber for the first couple of miles and then crosses a string of meadows ending up north west of the Radar Dome on Snow Bank mountain. In the meadows the trail gets quite indistinct, as cattle summers graze this area. You will see trees marked, and rock carrions. Continue up the meadows until you can not go any higher without dropping down into a small valley, around 7400 feet.

Look to your right and you will see a small meadow down through the trees and a rocky hillside between you and the radar dome. The trail heads down the hill through the trees into the north end of this meadow. You really don’t want to cross the rocky slope as the going is dangerous on very loose rocks. A nice place to give your horses a drink is located in this meadow.

From here the trail heads south and is easy to follow. You continue south along this grassy valley until you come to a line shack. At this shack, the Gabe’s Peak trail branches off to the right. The trail go left of some large rocks and works it’s way along a south facing slope into a series of meadows along a ridge. Stay in these meadows and on the crest of the ridge and you will have little trouble following the trail. The trail leaves this ridge on the north side and works its way through some large timber coming out on an old logging road. Follow this road to Rammage Meadows. Robbin, his grandson Al, and I rode this loop trail easily on a Saturday leaving the trail head around 10:00 and being back at camp in time for cocktails. This assumes that trail maintenance has been performed prior to making this ride, else it will take a bit longer.

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The Lightning Ridge trail is a 13.5 mile ride between Deadwood Reservoir and Forest Service road NF-611 (Lightning ridge road) in Garden valley.  Linda Hays and I rode some of this trail from the west, Garden Valley end.  The one lane road to the trail head is in very good shape, and the parking for trailers is limited, so this is not a good chapter ride.  But for small groups, of not more then maybe 4 trailers this trail offers one of Idaho’s best ridge rides.  This is not a ride for people or horses that don’t like to climb and are not comfortable riding on a hill side, as this trail has both.  It also has some wonderful granite rock formations and great views of Scott Mountain, Onion Valley, Garden Valley and the surrounding mountains.  During our ride the wild flowers were doing their best to cover the hillsides.  The west end of this trail is dry, not crossing any streams and the section we rode did not have a lot of shade.  On our trail scale of 1 to 5 with one being a flat dirt road and 5 being OMG, this is a 3.5

This project will be a nice ride to the work site and back with the project work itself boots on the ground. We in concert with the Emmett ranger district and some other volunteer’s are going to re-route a section of this trail from off a very steep ridge into a series of switch backs. The problem with the current trail is erosion and currently installed water bars just made the problem worse. Plan on a few hours with shovel and pick. We will have pack horses to carry the tools, but you should bring your favorite shovel. We will be setting up high lines at the work site for the stock while we work. Directions to Peace Creek Trailhead

This project is to open four trails in the Johnson Creek and Riordan Lake areas. Assuming we have enough members to have four crews, each with a chain saws and other required equipment. All trails were impacted by last years fires, and may have their access limited by late snow and or mud. Wapiti Meadows Ranch will be providing tent camping / camper space, and areas to set up high lines or portable corrals and access to stock water. The chapter will be providing weed free hay for the weekend. Wapiti Meadows Ranch will be providing Saturday and Sunday breakfast and Saturdays dinner. Friday dinner is a chapter provided BBQ, members will provide their own lunches. To attend a “Wapiti Meadows Trip Registration Form” must be filled out and sent in no later then June 5th, 2008 This is going to be a great trip, don’t miss it! Directions to Wapati Meadows South Fork / Johnson Creek Area Map / Wapiti Meadows trip Registration / Directions to Wapati Meadows via Landmark