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Good afternoon to all you amazing chapter BCHI Education chairs and other interested parties.
The following attachment covers Leave No Trace information. Please try to cover at an upcoming meeting.
Also here is information on the next Master Educator class and costs.
2018 may be a better time for me to attend. Hope to see you on the trail!

Marybeth Conger
BCHI Education Chair

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Dear BCHI Member,
Please funnel your input thru your Lands Liaisons and/or State Directors to Rod Parks at public-lands-north@bchi.org  and Phil Ryan at public-lands-south@bchi.org, as they are already in the middle of this issue.

Bill Conger



Take Action

BCHA encourages you to immediately reach out to your U.S. Forest Service regional trail coordinators. A contact list is provided below. The agency needs your help to identify priority areas for increased trail maintenance accomplishments.


As a result of BCHA’s efforts to shape and promote the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act, signed into law in November 2016, the U.S. Forest Service is required to identify 9 to 15 “priority areas for increased trail maintenance accomplishments” (Section 5, Public Law 114-245). The Act specifies there must be at least one priority area in each of the nine U.S. Forest Service regions.

A copy of Act can be found on BCHA’s website. The Forest Service national office recently issued instructions to its nine regional offices to provide initial guidance for implementation of the Act. In it, they direct regional offices to work with the public to identify and rank recommended priority areas, which are to be submitted by Forest Service regional offices to the national office by April 15th, 2017.

Thus, time is of the essence.

Reach out to USFS Regional Trail Coordinators
If you have not done so already, we encourage BCH chapters to work with their Forest Service regional trail coordinators within the next few weeks to share input on the selection of priority areas. Contact information for each regional trail coordinator can be found at the end of this alert.
National Board Members:

Please be prepared to bring to next month’s National Board Meeting an update on conversations your state is having with Forest Service regional trail coordinators.

Chief’s National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System
The Forest Service is excited about the timing of the passage of the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act and the agency’s completion this month of the Chief’s National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System

The strategy outlines a series of strategic actions to move the agency toward attaining a more sustainable trail system, including:

  • Evaluation and potential reorganization of the agency’s Trail Program to increase field capacity;
  • Creation of a national process for the identification of a sustainable trail system; and
  • Inviting the creation of a national Trails Endowment, to direct funding to on-the-ground projects to be funded primarily via corporate/philanthropic donation.

The Forest Service Continues to be a Great Partner
BCHA shares the Forest Service’s enthusiasm over the fact that trails, and trail maintenance, recently have become a higher priority within the agency. We greatly appreciate that the Chief and leaders of the agency’s trails program, like Joe Meade, have been welcoming partners throughout the Trails Act process. By developing the Chief’s strategy, they also have taken decisive action to tackle the challenges identified in a 2013 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (titled “Forest Service Trails: Long- and Short-Term Improvements Could Reduce Maintenance Backlog and Enhance System Sustainability.” GAO-13-618). We salute these go-getters.

Now it’s time to gather additional partners, roll up our sleeves and get some more trail maintenance done. BCHA’s volunteers cannot be expected to reverse the trail maintenance backlog by ourselves, but with the breadth of partners and goodwill we have accumulated over the years, there is no better time to ensure our legacy of “keeping trails open for everyone.”

Donald Saner


Regional Points of Contact regarding the Identification of Trail Maintenance Priority Areas:

Region Contact Email Phone
1 – Northern Region Kent Wellner kwellner@fs.fed.us 406-329-3150
2 – Rocky Mountain Region Scott Haas sehaas@fs.fed.us 303-275-5164
3 – Southwestern Region Dennis Garcia dggarcia@fs.fed.us 505-842-3443
4 – Intermountain Region Chris Hartman chartman01@fs.fed.us 801-625-5164
5 – Pacific Southwest Region Garrett Villanueva gvillanueva@fs.fed.us 530-543-2762
6 – Pacific Northwest Region Dennis Benson denniscbenson@fs.fed.us 541-604-4570
8 – Southern Region Debbie Caffin dcaffin@fs.fed.us 404-347-4033
9 – Eastern Region Leon LaVigne llavigne@fs.fed.us 414-297-1313
10 –Alaska Region Sharon Seim sharongseim@fs.fed.us 907-388-8804

Don’t know which region your state falls into? Click here for a map of Forest Service regions.

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Members of Back Country Horsemen of Idaho

Attached is a Resolution that BCH of New Mexico is bringing forward at the BCHA National Directors’ Annual Meeting, April 20-22.

Please discuss with your membership and have your chapter’s directors or president send your comments and/or questions to both of our National Directors and to the Chairman at:

Bill Conger

Amy Lyman

Sam Duncan


Debbie Samovar
BCHI Secretary


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BLM Seeks Public Input on Travel Plan Analyses around Birds of Prey NCA

The Bureau of Land Management is preparing an environmental assessment for a travel management plan that will encompass public lands within and around Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.

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The Idaho Wildlife Federation is Idaho’s oldest statewide conservation organization. Founded by sportsmen and women in 1936, we’re a leader in creating solutions to solve complex natural resource issues to protect our fish and wildlife, their habitats, and our hunting and fishing traditions.

http://www.idahowildlife.org/Our efforts advance “made in Idaho” solutions that sustain wildlife and sporting opportunities that thrive while maintaining local economies and working agricultural landscapes through sound policy work, landscape planning, and education.

Our Mission

The Idaho Wildlife Federation is dedicated to promoting the conservation and protection of our natural resources, wildlife, and wildlife habitat for future and current generations.

Who We Are

Founded in 1936, the Idaho Wildlife Federation is Idaho’s oldest statewide conservation organization. For the last 80 years, Idaho citizens with farsighted commitment to conservation have united to ensure wildlife’s future. We are sportsmen and women, business people, farmers and ranchers, children, parents and grandparents, teachers, laborers, students — in short, all of us who care about wildlife and care about our futures. The Idaho Wildlife Federation proves that conservation is all of us working together. By committing to work together for wildlife in spite of our differences, IWF will continue to lead the offensive for Idaho’s wildlife as a united voice, as it has for the last 80 years.

What We Do

The Idaho Wildlife Federation is the sportsman advocate and voice in the state legislature. We are present at the statehouse every day during the annual legislative session to advance proactive sportsman legislation and defeat bills that would roll back fish and wildlife protections, privatize wildlife, and turn over our shared public lands to the states for private sale.

We defend our public lands and our right to access them. We know that our system of public lands offers unspoiled, unfragmented, connected landscapes that provide a richness of fish and wildlife with unparalleled hunting and fishing afforded nowhere else in the United States.

We also represent sportsmen interests and sound wildlife management within landscape planning processes that involve state and federal agencies as well as private land. We do this by engaging communities and involving local constituents to create local solutions. By coordinating these efforts and the efforts of other organizations interested in the conservation of natural resources of the state of Idaho, IWF fosters and promotes a general and continued movement for the conservation, restoration, protection, and scientific supervision of all game, fish, fowl, and other wildlife in its habitat in the state.

Brian Brooks, Executive Director

(Speaker at the 2017 BCHI Convention)

Brian grew up in Idaho hunting and fishing in every corner of the state. He has had a fly rod or spinning rod in his hands since he was four years old and began hunting birds at 12. Big game soon followed. Idaho’s extensive system of public lands kept Brian in pursuit of fish and game further and further into the backcountry. Combining the exploration of Idaho’s seemingly limitless wild places with the primal participation in the cycle of life and death, Brian developed a respect and reverence for land and wildlife and the active role sportsmen and women play in their management.

The realization that our accessible public lands, clean waters, and robust fish and wildlife populations didn’t happen on accident motivated Brian to pursue an education that would give him the tools to work to preserve and enhance the opportunities he grew up with for others, forever. He received a B.S. in Conservation Social Science, a Masters of Natural Resources, and a Certificate in Restoration Ecology from the University of Idaho. Brian’s professional experience includes leading habitat restoration and trail crews, forestry, salmon and steelhead restoration planning, wildlife rehab/sanctuary manager, outdoor writer, and natural resource policy.

Besides fishing and hunting, Brian enjoys mountain and road biking, skiing and snowboarding, backpacking, and morel hunting.

IWF Is The Sportsman Voice in The State Legislature

We are at the state house every time sportsmen interests are under attack. We facilitate strategic legislative planning for sportsmen groups, professionally represent their interests in the legislature, promptly disseminate action alerts to our groups and supporters, and maintain close contact with the press. With a wealth of knowledge of natural resource policy, we operate by anticipating bad bills to efficiently defeat them, authoring proactive wildlife and sportsmen legislation, testifying in committee, and utilizing our state of the art communication and outreach system.

Sign up here for news, legislative updates, and action alerts for the legislative session.

Click this link to find your local legislators https://legislature.idaho.gov/about/12districtmap.pdf

Idaho Wildlife Federation
P.O. Box 6426
Boise, ID 83707
Phone: 208.342.7055
Email: info@idahowildlife.org

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Watch Video

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Dear Directors and Chapter members,
There are currently 3 positions that need to be filled at the March 10th SBD,s meeting.

Rod Parks is stepping down as Website Coordinator. This position can be filled from the general membership and a job description is attached.  BCHI Website Coordinator Duties

Also need to elect a National Director for a 2 yr term and an Alternate National Director for a 1 yr term. These positions are elected in March with their terms ending after the April BCHA Annual meeting.
Attached is the job description as provided by BCHA. The annual meetings require a 7 day commitment, 5 days of meetings and 2 days of travel. Registration fees, travel, lodging and meals are reimbursed according to the attached policy.

NBD Job Description             16.03.11 National Directors’ Reimbursement

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Karen Kimball at 208-772-2434 or jkkimball01@gmail.com.

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Back Country Horsemen of Idaho Member

At the September BCHI Directors Meeting some chapters expressed an interest in increasing BCHI dues to cover expenses rather than selling raffle calendars.

At my request, Kay Ryan and Rod Parks went through the finances. Attached is a letter of their findings.

Maybe one of the chapters that is against the calendar sales will have a proposal for the 2017 Convention. If we do not do a calendar after 2018, we will need to pass the dues increase in 2017, payable in 2019 or we will have to spend about $12,000 out of reserves until a dues increase is approved or another form of funding is put in force.

This letter will be in the February issue of Broomtales and on the Agenda of the March Convention.

Please look this over and discuss with you chapter.

Thank you,
Bob Savage


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MB Conger
Squaw Butte State Board Member & BCHI Education chair



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2016 March Conv Reg form           2016 Photo Contest

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Convention High Lights

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2015 Photo Contest Form

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A Non-Profit Service Organization


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spa View Education Foundation Web Page

Foundation Request for Grant or Award

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 BCHI Banner

You only have 2 weeks (February 21st, 2012) left to reserve your room at the Convention Special Rate of $79.00 + tax.

After that, room rates are $119.99 – 149.99 +tax.

You can make go ahead and make your reservations now and if you need to cancel, do so 24hrs before your arrival date and there will be no charge.

Reserve your room NOW!    (800) 251-7829

Convention details – Everything you want to know

Click here for registration form

Deborah Samovar

BCHI Convention Committee

9176 E Soaring Hawk Lane

St Maries, ID 83861